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30 Minutes of Early Hardcore | Tracks from 1992 - 1999 | Mix 092 | By DJ Raving Madness (2020)

Due to the high demand of Early Hardcore, Soundcloud is filled with many excellent mixes. Or maybe my filter set for this is just wrong, but I'm not really that fussed. I do like a bit of the early stuff, and the latest mix by Raving Madness is really packed with so many obscure and unknown anthems, we do need more mixes like this one. For his latest instalment, he has selected records from the early years, ranging from 1992 until 1999, so really early stuff. Are you getting excited yet? I know I am.

I do love a bit of Hardcore, me. And I do know all the well known anthems. My brain sadly filters out the obscure records, or I've not heard them before because they are that odd and obscure, but when in 2020 you find a mix full of forgotten anthems, I can't help myself, and a boner is the result of this 32 minute mix. A few of the records selected I do know, so it's not that I'm Hardcore illiterate. It's just that more than 50% of these anthems have never been penetrating my ears, and I feel sad for missing them.

I think that those I do know of, are underrated. And they definately deserve a bigger stage. Yes, we are all exhausted, hearing those 'classic' anthems, but it's these classics that Raving Madness has selected I am ruling for. These are records that take me back to the 90s more than ever. The more underground and obscure, the better.

01. Rob Gee - Jersey Guido

02. Rotterdam Termination Source - Poing (Jump A Little Higher)

03. The Carpenter - Jump Off The Fucking Roof

04. Bass-D & King Matthew - Take Me Higher (Gizmo Remix)

05. Masoko Solo - Pessa Pessa (E-Rick & Tactic Remix)

06. Tony Salmonelli & Pino D'Ambini - Class Axion Take 3

07. Vanugenth The 5th - Here We Go Again

08. Ferocious - Cocaine

09. Perpetrator - To Da Base

10. Pagan - Mister Mister Scarface

Of course, the biggest hit has to be 'Here We Go Again'. This is the one that still gets the most airtime of all these 10 records. And I do like the record, don't get me wrong but the other 9 are just so appealing. So attractive. So sexy. So unique. Why don't we see these records more in mixes?

This was the era when Happy and normal Hardcore blended together nicely, and there was no hatred or anger about it. Obviously now we distinguish each sound, but back in the 90s (prior to 1996) it was all Hardcore. We put it in boxes, and ruined it. The happy sound was awesome. Which brings me to my next point: best record....

'Take Me Higher' by Bass-D & King Matthew, remixed by Gizmo. What a slammer. But even the remixed version of 'Pessa Pessa' is excellent. This one I've never heard before, and I DO love a bit of E-Rick & Tactic. Lovely blend of happy and hard Hardcore. Or what about the bass in 'Mister Mister Scarface'? Boy, they don't make records like these anymore. Shame.

A wicked mix. Loved it. Excellent stuff, Raving Madness. I look forward to your next mix! More obscure and sexy records please. But not the Rob Gee back catalogue. Boy, that intro was dreadful. Let us all just forget about this record, and pretend it never happened.

DJ: Raving Madness

Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, Early Hardcore

Mix Info: 30 Minutes of Early Hardcore | Tracks from 1992 - 1999 | Mix 092 |

Length Mix: 00:32:02

Tracks: 10 (ten)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown

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