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8Bit-Project UK-H (2021)

YES, temperatures are going through the roof today, and this obviously means one thing: BBQ time. The perfect opportunity to annoy your neighbours with your tunes blasting out your speakers, but sadly not for me: I am the only one in our household who appreciate the harder dance genres. So we will have some 80s and 90s dance playlist playing. That's a shame though, would really love to hear UK Hardcore blasting through my Beats By Dr Dre speaker. Well, at least I'm in charge of the food, so I'll be occupied.

But you can still do that: listen to UK Hardcore in your garden. Or balcony. I don't know where you live, obviously. And fire up the BBQ. Have fun. And hopefully on Monday Boris Johnson has got some good news for us. Hopefully we will be getting closer to the end of lockdown, and we can all party again. We deserve it. So let's all stay positive, and crank up the volume to the highest setting.

So, this mix. It's mixed by 8Bit, and it contains a lot of UK Hardcore anthems. All happy and cheerful anthems. After looking at the tracklist I noticed that I knew half of the records, and the other half are brand spanking new to me. But the main question here is: do these anthems improve my happiness? And am I going to be a happier person at the BBQ? What do you think?

Just have a look at the tracklist and let me know what these tracks do to you:

  1. Fracus & Darwin - Coming Back To Me

  2. Daniel Seven - Counting Down The Days

  3. Dionne & Adam Mohican - Heaven's Door

  4. Bundy & Darwin - Better Place

  5. Rob IYF - Who Knew

  6. Maxi Malone - The Only One I Need

  7. DJ Seduction & Al Storm - Destiny

  8. Ganar - I Want You (2017 Update)

  9. Fracus & Darwin feat Jake - Make It Tonight

  10. Eclipse - 24/7 (Fracus & Darwin Remix)

  11. Fracus & Darwin vs Michal Mansion - My Star

  12. Jason Bouse & Amy Kress - Alive (Daniel Seven Remix)

  13. Fracus & Darwin feat Jessica Palmer - Promises

  14. Hommarju - Father

Well, will you have a look at this, eh? A proper tracklist with some serious UK Hardcore bangers. Happy and cheerful anthems, and that's what we need today. Especially when the sun is out, and most guns are out (yes, I'm talking to you, gym fanatics). BBQ and bangers, and I'm not talking about the sausages.

I do know most of these artists. Would be a shitty reviewer if I didn't know them. But 8Bit still impressed me with a few names I've not seen before. A lovely diverse mix, with well known anthems and a few new bangers. The general gist of this mix is to get you up from your seat, and get you dancing, and 8Bit certainly has achieved that. A very happy mix, which makes me happier too. Who needs Sertraline when you can have UK Hardcore, eh?

So, what about the actual tracks? They are all solid. They've got this unique and refreshing sound I've not heard in a while. And you know that it's going to be a good mix when you see names like Seduction, Al Storm, Fracus, Darwin, Daniel Seven, and more. Well, according to the tracklist on Soundcloud, track number 11 was made by Darwin and Darwin vs Michael Mansion. Never knew Darwin had a brother? (little mistake).

I really liked this mix, and you can feel the same way I do. Happy. Embrace life, and embrace the volume knob on your device: turn it up to the max. 8Bit, your mix is ace!

Best record? Oh, that's not easy. I'll go for 'Coming Back To Me'. Good track.

DJ: 8Bit

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: 8Bit-Project UK-H

Length Mix: 01:02:17

Tracks: 14 (fourteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 671,8 MB

File Type: .wav

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44,1 kHz

More Information: 8Bit - Soundcloud Channel

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