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A.C.R. Allstyle Core Records Podcast #111 Mixed By Emphases (2020)

It's Saturday, the weekend has landed. And let's start the weekend slightly harder and faster, eh? So, I've found a set you all might enjoy. An Early Terror set. Mixed by Emphases. I've never heard of Emphases before, nor the Allstyle Core Records podcast, but seeing as they already have reached the 111th podcast, it's time for me to indulge myself into their world. And this Early Terror is a good way to wake up on this windy and very miserable Saturday morning.

So, what can I say about this mix that I haven't said already? Well, nothing much. It contains Early Terror focussed anthems, fairly new records, and it's mixed by Emphases. That's all I know so far. I do recognise a few of the names used in this mix, but to be fair, Early Terror isn't a style that crops up that often. Only once every blue Moon. And that's a rarity. But the main focus of this mix is to get you moving, and Emphases has certainly done that. You are not going to sit still when you start listening to this mix.

Let's see what's in this hour long mix.

  • Reeza - Hit The Decks

  • Reeza - The Sanctity Of Life

  • Not A DJ vs GiZwO - Don't Like You

  • Rottencore - Multiverse

  • Not A DJ - Aura Q

  • L-Neon - Everything I Do Is Illegal

  • Not A DJ vs Ninetysix - The Morning After

  • Reeza - Something Like This

  • Hellcreator & Acidious - A Galaxy Odyssey

  • Redlock vs Immutek vs Paradox - Masterpiece

  • Hellcreator & Acidious - Lost On Eden

  • Redlock - Scream

  • Ninetysix - I Could Dance Forever

  • Enforex - Secret Of Life

  • Redlock - Get Loud

  • Starbanger - Defenders (Speedfolter & Xearo Remix)

  • Hellcreator - Don't Fuck With Me

  • Reeza - Mad Jaw

  • Hellcreator & Tantulum - Intruder Alert

  • The Hitman - Drop One

  • Hyperactive D - The Age Of God

  • Redlock - Hit It

  • GiZwO - Covid-19

  • DJ Købe - Tribute To 90's (Part II)

  • Not A DJ - The Real Psycho

  • Reeza - Immortal Kombat

I've seen a few of these names before, and I've to say that I'm really impressed. The Early Terror sound, alive and kicking in 2020. Some records do have a bit of everything, not just Early Terror, but also a bit of Artcore and Gabber. But you won't be bothered about that too much. You really shouldn't care. The BPMs are fast enough to be compared to the early sound.

Emphases has made this podcast mix, and I'm really pleased to have found it. And it also underlines the capabilities of the artist Reeza. Whoever he/she is, I love their style and approach. Reeza captured the early sound flawlessly. I am impressed, and in awe with Reeza's style.

The mix is tight, and I hugely recommend this to everyone who likes a bit of the early sound. Not fully Early Terror, but who gives a crap? Just worth checking out, and play it over and over. I've woken up a couple of hours ago, and already listened to this 4 times in a row. It's that intoxicating!

Well, a short and sweet review. Thanks Emphases for this mix. I'll certainly check you and Allstyle Core's other podcasts too!

DJ: Emphases

Genre/Style: Early Terror, Gabber, Hardcore, Artcore

Mix Info: A.C.R. Allstyle Core Records Podcast #111 Mixed By Emphases

Length Mix: 00:59:39

Tracks: 26 (twenty-six)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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