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Aeon Mix Session Hard NRG (2020)

It's Sunday, and my sleep was horrible. So I'm back behind my PC, even though I wanted to play on the PS4. But no, we are reviewing again. And this time, I simply had to. DJ Aeon even contacted me via Facebook to say that he added a tracklist, as he knows that I won't review any without a list. He's right: there must be at least 1000 mixes out there which I do not review, but wish I could review them. But hey ho, if the DJ doesn't want the fans to know which tracks they used, cool.

So today's mix is one focussed on Hard NRG, a style we don't have on here very often. To be fair, I do like the style, but not a massive fan. But I still appreciate it though. DJ Aeon decided to do mixes with his personal favourite music styles for each individual mix. This time it's a Hard NRG mix, and he's obviously done Freeform mixes too. Don't mind the Freeform, but today I wanted to hear his latest mix. And so should you, if you fancy a bit of Hard NRG on this lovely morning.

The tracklist contains records that Aeon really got to love over the years. So you can find a whole lot of tracks he loves. So let's dive straight into the tracklist:

  1. Amber D & Random But Raw - True North

  2. Aaron James & Seanie Jackson - Belief

  3. Dramatik - Pusherman

  4. Risa & Polaritia - Raise Your Hands

  5. Asylum - Inhuman

  6. Grady G - United States Of Massacre

  7. Random But Raw & Anna K - Time To Be Bad

  8. Grady G - Biker Slut

  9. Alchemiist & Decision vs B.R.K. - NRG Never Dies

  10. Tom Parr - Coming Home (Grady G Remix)

  11. Random But Raw - The Achet (Alchemiist & Decion Remix)

  12. Risa - Air Strike

  13. Alchemiist & Decion - Hunted To Death

  14. Alchemiist & Decion vs B.R.K. - Firelink

  15. Alchemiist & Risa - Malice

This has certainly woken me right up. It's nice to wake up to something I normally wouldn't wake up to. I do get certain Freeform vibes here, but that's because Hard NRG and Freeform are basically linked to each other. Especially by artists who dabble with both styles, like Alchemiist.

Aeon's selection is really great. I'm really loving the vibes. It's fast paced, high energy filled music (hence the name of course), and it has given me a boost in the early hours of Sunday. It has been mixed nicely together, got to give Aeon credit for that.

If you dig Hard NRG, the place to be is here. Aeon's mix is filled with a lot of reoccurring names like Grady G, Alchemiist, but it's still quite a diverse mix. The flow is really good, and it's an hour and 40 seconds of Hard NRG. You really don't have the time to sit still: this music keeps you going on and on.

I really enjoyed this mix. Can't wait for more mixes by Aeon. See what other styles/genres he likes, besides Hard NRG and Freeform. Worth a follow on Soundcloud, wouldn't you agree?

The only downside to this mix is it's size. 654 MB? Wow. I need to clear up some space to have this beast on my hard drive!

DJ: Aeon

Genre/Style: Hard NRG

Mix Info: Aeon Mix Session Hard NRG

Length Mix: 01:00:39

Tracks: 15 (fifteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Type: .wav

File Size: 654.4 MB

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz

More Information: DJ Aeon - Soundcloud Page

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