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Air Max Day Mix by Amada (2016)

Air Max. The type of sneakers the Gabber culture embraced during the 90s, and this hype is still linked to the gabbers in 2019. They've been an important factor in our culture, and are always associated with us, ravers. You weren't part of the gang/hype if you didn't have Nikes. Especially Air Maxes. And I had a pair when I grew up, so hyped up about the colour combination, but 1 1/2 size too small. Went to many raves in them, and they've seen a lot of things, and nearly killed my toes. But you had to, you see. Gabbers and Air Maxes went hand in hand.

Back in 2016 Amada made this wonderful mix for the Thunderdome Soundcloud page, and recently I re-discovered it. Already wrote a review about it, but I felt it was necessary to remind all of you lot of this mix. Why, you might ask? Well, because the mix is sick! Don't actually know if there's a legitimate Air Max day, but nowadays we celebrate everything: secretary day, national pumpkin day, King's day... you name it, and it has an 'official' day linked to it. So I guess Air Maxes must have their own day?

Whatever floats your boat. If you don't like Air Maxes, are you actually a raver? Have you ever owned a pair? I remember going to a shoe store in the South of the Netherlands (Limburg), buying shoes that looked a lot like Nike's, but were a tad cheaper. I quickly got tapped on the shoulder by the community, and was made aware of it. I started saving money to buy the real deal, and once I got them, I raved. Raved until I couldn't go any further,

Air Maxes are as important as the actual music. The hipsters might use them for running (=boring), but true ravers will use them to pound the ground underneath their feet for hours on end. And by the end of it, it might be covered in thousands of liters of alcoholic beverages, mud, and you name it (even piss, when you are drunk you dribble down the incorrect way, you might have spillage).

In 2018 I got my first white set of Air Maxes, and have worn them with pride. Hell, I think I'm going to wear them today, out of respect to Amada's mix, and our never dying culture.

Let's focus on the mix. It's dope. It's 3 years old, but the same as Air Maxes: it never grows old. Obviously not like us humans: I already feel like I am 45, and I'm only 35. Nike's and Hardcore keep me young.

01. The Opposites feat Sef - Me Nikes

02. Yellow Claw & The Opposites - Thunder (Evil Activities & E-Life Remix)

03. Korsakoff - Tamara

04. DJ Paul Elstak - Still Luv U More (The Viper Remix)

05. Unexist & OGM909 - Guns Blazing

06. Marshall Masters - Don't Touch That Stereo (Maniac's Hard Edit)

07. AniMe - Terrordome #TiH

08. The Viper & Neophyte - First Aid

09. The Viper & Re-Style feat Diesel - Night & Day

10. Korsakoff - Somnia

11. The Viper & Panic - Lean On Bootleg

12. Nosferatu - Sanctity Of Space

13. Bodyshock - Communicate

14. Evil Activities - Go Fuck Yourself

15. Neophyte Records All Stars - Adrenaline

16. Skrillex feat Ragge Twins - Ragga Bomb (Art Of Fighters Bootleg) (DJ Mad Dog Re-Edit)

17. Drokz - Brand New Kickz

18. Noize Suppressor & Drokz - Fingers In The Air

Absolute epic mix. Amada's mix is really doing the Air Max culture proud, and is a testimony to our dying love for raving. And you can use your Air Maxes throughout this mix, just to show you love to Hakkuh.

I have listened to this mix over and over, and I'm really a happy bunny after hearing it again and again. Especially when it starts with the mix starts with two epic records. Yes, in my first review I mentioned that I wasn't digging the 'Thunder' anthem, but I fell in love with it over the years. Obviously The Opposites and Yellow Claw aren't Gabbers, but this remix does the culture justice. And also 'Me Nikes'. But that's just a nod to the Nike wearing raver. And the tune was actually funny.

What's the best record of this mix? 'Sanctity Of Space' by Nosferatu. When it comes to melodies, you know that Nosferatu has got your back, and knows how to create epic monster anthems. And it also has space bits in it. I love space travelling, so it ticks all my boxes.

Who doesn't love Hardcore? Who doesn't love Nikes? If you don't answer yes to either questions, I am wondering: why are you even reading this review? This is only for the die-hard mother fucking ravers. Those that travelled millions of miles in their well beloved shoes, to rave throughout the night. That's us. That will always be us. That's one thing they can't take away from us. Hardcore till I die.

DJ: Amada

Genre/Style: Hardcore

Mix Info: Air Max Day Mix By Amada

Length Mix: 01:00:00

Tracks: 18 (eighteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Thunderdome - Soundcloud Page

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