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Alexander Norman - Pod Noodle Episode 2 (2019)

Ravers, where have we all been? 6 months ago a new podcast series called Pod Noodle was released, and the fans went mental. It reaches nearly 20k plays on Soundcloud, and other places too (don't have iTunes or Spotify). And I think at the time my perspective was that it would be a monthly or bi-monthly thing. Didn't expect it to take half a year lol. But they are back, Ed and Gordon a.k.a. Alexander Norman. Their artist name sounds like an explorer's name, and in a way they are explorers: more about that later.

Remember those classic podcasts? In which you would hear 2749 other artists pointing out who's podcast you are listening to? Well, this one is no exception, artists such as Gammer, Uncle Dugs, Breeze, 2 Bad Mice, and more, they will let you know what you are listening to. The younger generation might not have a clue why this is, but this little touch, I really like it. The early 2000s, it's all its fault. It was normal, and it should still be normal.

Time for the tracklist. And seeing as it's all about Alexander, you will only get a tracklist filled with its name. Finger RSI, you are about to happen....

01. Alexander Norman - Intro Mash Up

02. Ultrabeat - Pretty Green Eyes (Alexander Norman Remix)

03. Alexander Norman - Toys

04. Alexander Norman - Space Cube

05. Gammer & Whizzkid - Love You Every Day (Alexander Norman Remix)

06. Alexander Norman - Break The Rules

07. Darren Styles feat Andrea Britton - Show Me The Sunshine (Alexander Norman Flip)

08. Alexander Norman x Whizzkid - Need You

09. Alexander Norman - Kingdom

10. Alexander Norman - Frequency

11. Alexander Norman - King Cobra

12. Alexander Norman - Fight For Today

13. Alexander Norman - Watch My Bassline

14. Alexander Norman - Bass How Low?

15. Alexander Norman - Parade

16. Alexander Norman feat Ruth - Come United

17. Alexander Norman - Good Times

18. Alexander Norman - On Our Way

They are different, aren't they? They are not your standard duo. But if I'm honest, I've not seen or hear a lot of UK Hardcore related mixes for a while now, don't know if it's slowly going down an unusual path?

What I feel when I hear Alexander Norman is bouncy. Is it just me or is their main goal to get everyone bouncing up and down? And are their tracks also a tad focussed on the Bouncy Hardcore side of UK Hardcore? Is that what gets the kids going nowadays? If it is, I will feel old and young at the same time, because I like the bounce. Not the bounce bounce stuff, but this combination of UK Hardcore and bounce, that works for me.

Towards the end you get a bit of waffle between Ed and Gordon. And how you can enter the competition. I'm not an MC, so there's no point for me entering. But also they talk about Guinea Pigs in Switzerland. That's awesome stuff.

Anyway, the music is good. Bouncy. Happy. Which track made me happy the most? 'King Cobra'. Good and well written track. Love it!

Sorry for the late reply, joined the band wagon a tad late, but as I said before, I'm not on iTunes or Spotify. I'm a Soundcloud abuser, only saw the podcast a few minutes ago! Anyway, let's see if we can get it to the number 1 position on Soundcloud. It's worth a go.

Act: Alexander Norman

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Bouncecore

Mix Info: Pod Noodle - Episode 2

Length Mix: 00:59:28

Tracks: 18 (eighteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Alexander Norman - Soundcloud Page

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