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Altern-8 - Minirig Mixtape (2022)

Tuesday, and I'm in the office. During working hours I need something to get me through the day, and a few days ago I found a set by Altern-8, a.k.a. Mark Archer. Well, he used to be one half of Altern-8, and we all know what happened. He carries on the legacy of the name, and the world famous masks. They were trend setter way before we HAD to wear masks. I do wonder if people actually walked around the streets during COVID-19 with vicks in their masks, like they used to do? Or was that a typical 90s thing?

We all love Altern-8 and what they've done for the Hardcore/Rave scene. Pioneers, that's what they were. And even in 2022 the name Altern-8 remains active and alive. Previous mixes were focussed on the rave side of life, but today's mix is all about Breakbeat. Breakbeat Hardcore. Everything Breakbeat related. And that's glorious. I wasn't ready for this mix, but after listening to this mix for roughly 10 seconds I knew I had something special coming at me through my bassbins.

As much as Mark knows about Altern-8, it's certainly not the only thing he knows. He's a connoisseur from the first hour, and has been in the game for donkeys years. He knows what to play, and how to get the crowd moving. And with this special mix he made for Minirig, he certainly will get you on your feet, dancing/raving the day away. Dancing like monkeys on acid, right?

  1. Fiesta Soundsystem - Stratified

  2. Hedchef - Immersion

  3. Neil Landstrumm - 80 Clicks Of The Hand

  4. Radio Slave - Variation V2

  5. Rennie Pilgrem - Just What I Needed

  6. Robin Wylie - Acton East

  7. Swankout - On The Edge

  8. Theo Nasa - Sour Punch (Mani Festo Remix)

  9. Denham Audio - ESP

  10. Local Group - Rhythmic Trip

  11. Neida - Bull

  12. Swankout - Don Of All Dons

  13. The Palmer Initiative - Terra

  14. Borai - Need U

  15. Borai - I Bet U Can't

This is a sick mix. Not in that sense, I mean it's dope. It's an hour of pure Breakbeat pleasure. In the first few seconds you are welcomed by the legend himself, and then the music starts. And uncle Archer takes you on a Breakbeat journey. A pleasant one that will leave you satisfied at the end, and craving for more.

The journey is an hour long, and Mark takes you on this amazing journey. Most of these artists I've never heard of, but I'm not a world famous DJ/producer with a massive music collection. I'm just an admirer. If Mark wanted to, he could have played a set with the well known rave classics, but he went all in, and dug deep. And he found these hidden gems. The result is a pleasurable hour!

The tunes are dark, edgy, and yet extremely cool and dope. Especially the last two records by Borai. Two amazing records to end your set with. Good choice, mr Archer.

I cannot add anything more. I've said my bits. It's a splendid mix by the one and only Mark Archer a.k.a. Altern-8. Could you wish for anything more? Of course not. So sit back and enjoy, and let the music take over your consciousness.

DJ: Mark Archer a.k.a. Altern-8

Genre/Style: Breakbeat, Breakbeat Hardcore

Mix Info: Altern-8 - Minirig Mixtape

Length Mix: 00:53:52

Tracks: 15 (fifteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2022

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