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Altern8 - Rejuven8tion - 30 Min Oldskool Acid Mix (2012)

For those that follow this blog for a few years now, you might remember seeing this review a few years back. I think I did review this 8 years ago. Not my first review, but certainly not the last. But it was the one that quickly got people's attention to my website. Sadly the old website ain't active anymore, so I can only tell you the story of the review, but I've got no evidence. What happened in 2012 has sadly stayed in 2012.

When I first discovered this mix, I was fully blown away by it. Obviously every single die hard raver knows about Altern 8, so no introduction is required, but to me Altern 8 has been below my radar. I was too young when they were on top of the world, back in the early days. I missed the whole early rave scene due to my age. I only discovered them online. Maybe I have come across one of their records before on a mix CD, but I would have remembered that, if I'm honest.

This mix contains 7 of their biggest records. Mixed by Ell Hawkes. And when I heard it for the first time, I was just so happy. This kind of rave music was so fresh, so uplifting, and so damn dope. I do love a bit of oldskool, me. I've not met anyone who dislikes the early stuff. If anyone exists who doesn't like rave music, do one son.

Altern 8 obviously meant a lot to the UK raving community back in the days, and these 7 records have without a doubt been played at many underground events, in warehouses, big fields, or discos. I reckon that the tracklist won't surprise you, but it will make you smile. Or is that because of the Vicks?

  1. Altern 8 - Move Your Body

  2. Altern 8 - Infiltrate 202

  3. Altern 8 - Frequency

  4. Altern 8 - E-Vapor-8

  5. Altern 8 - Activ8

  6. Altern 8 - Hypnotic St8

  7. Altern 8 - Armageddon

Now before anyone get's annoyed, I am not 100% sure it's written as Altern 8. Is it Altern8, or Altern-8? I've been on several pages, and I'm getting more and more confused. At least you know which duo I'm talking about.

The mix is only half an hour long, but it packs a punch. A punch I wouldn't mind absorbing. I am truly in awe of the early work of Altern 8. Timeless rave classics. They had success during the first few years of the 90s, and sadly quit the game. Whatever the reason might have been for the duo splitting, they have left a permanent mark on a whole generation. A generation that could not have raved as hard as they did without the banging tunes of Altern 8. Now, that's a statement and a half, but I'm sure millions of ravers agree.

And not only have they made some excellent tunes, but they have also influenced many artists. Their style remains unique. Fresh. And full of Vicks.

I do like the rave sound that they had in each of their records, and it is so early 90s sounding. But in a strange way, it's timeless. Well thought of production skills by Altern 8. Some are obviously more 'dancefloor' friendly, and some are just underground classics. I love the darkness in 'Frequency'. I love the madness of it. I can picture myself being surrounded by lasers in a fucking field, with the rozzers coming for me, because I attended an illegal rave. Why wasn't I born a few years earlier?

All 7 records are classics, and will remain part of our raving culture. Nicely mixed by Ell Hawkes. And it has even got a comment by the mighty Mark Archer!

If you are into Altern 8, make sure you check out their album. Nostalgia galore. And make sure you check out their latest release. Altern 8's first release since 1993!

I might have experienced a different era within the raving culture, but at least I'm not too old to learn from the good ol' days. The days I sadly missed due to my age.

DJ: Ell Hawkes

Genre/Style: Breakbeat Hardcore, Techno

Mix Info: Altern8 - Rejuven8tion - 30 Min Oldskool Acid Mix

Length Mix: 00:33:26

Tracks: 7 (seven)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2012

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: Altern 8 - Official Website


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