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Autobiography Of A Rave Kid Part lll (2019)

The legend is back! Selectabwoy has returned with yet another new mix. Sadly I have missed it (by accident) but he kindly reminded me of it on Friday. Told him I was going to review it on Saturday, but that didn't happen. Ah well, one day too late is still acceptable, isn't it? I've already missed it, being released 11 days ago. As he puts it under the mix 'just in time for Halloween'. Well, fuck, missed that completely. We don't celebrate Halloween either, so there's another excuse.

Anyway, before I go ranting about nothing and everything, let's talk a bit about this mix, and the DJ. Selectabwoy is my favourite DJ on Soundcloud right now. His mixes are ALWAYS ear pleasingly good, and he always delivers. And that's not me exaggerating it. You can go onto his Soundcloud channel, and be completely emerged into the darkest sound the early 90s had to offer. I sadly haven't had an opportunity to hear him play live, but one day that will happen. But to show you how much of a fan I am of his mixes: I nominated him this year for the DJ Mag top 100. He sadly didn't make it, but at least he got my vote.

And with his latest mix, he has gone back to 1993. The year of the Hardcore Jungle/Darkcore/Techno sound. And it is sounding good. Be prepared to have the most amazing Sunday in a long time! Enjoy the tracklist, but I know you will!

01. Xenophobia - The Phoenix

02. Scott & Keith - Deranged (Bonus Drums)

03. Ratty - Bouncing

04. Johnny Jungle - Johnny (Bad Influence Remix)

05. Wax Doctor - Another Direction

06. Lemon D - Pursuit Thru The Darkness

07. Techno Bros - We Are ...... Techno Bros

08. Polygon Window - Supremacy ll

09. Miranda - Back To The Future

10. Liquid Aliens - Are You Sure I'll Be OK?

11. DJ Lee - Want Your Love

12. DJ Smokey Joe - Boomzabang

13. Two Dark Troopers - Darkcore

14. Tango & Ratty - The Killer (PA Mix)

15. DJ Solo - Darkage (All Night Remix)

16. Space Cadet - Are U Aware

17. Manix - The X-Factor (Director's Cut)

18. A Guy Called Gerald - Darker Than I Should Be

19. DJ Junk - Monsters And Demons

20. Undercover Elephant - Commence With The B-Line (Elemix)

21. Vibes & Wishdokta - Rush My Heart

22. Foul Play - Finest Illusion (Illegal Mix)

23. DJ Phantasy - Satan Was An Angel

24. Metalheads - Saint Angel

There we go. A proper oldschool tracklist. Looking at these tracklist always makes me wonder: what has happened to all these producers? What are they doing now? One hit wonders, and now doing carpentry, or maybe doing something else still in the music industry? But no matter what they are doing now, they have left a mark on the scene with their brilliant tunes.

Selectabwoy's mix is as good as you would expect it to be. The comments all say that this mix is dope, and yeah, I would underline each comment. The mix is indeed dope, but would you expect anything else from Selectabwoy?

I've really enjoyed the dark side of this music. I know we all love our music slightly darker and edgier, and Selectabwoy always delivers this. I highly recommend you visiting his Soundcloud channel for more awesome mixes. Hours of fun. And a quick overview shows him having 577 records on it? Bloody Nora, I've only discovered a handful! I've got some work to do here.

Selectabwoy, if you are reading this, thanks for yet another epic mix. Only genuine classic anthems, and true underground anthems. I've really enjoyed myself, and have not found a single bad thing about this mix. As usual though.

Get this mix right now. Let this take over your weekend!

DJ: Selectabwoy

Genre/Style: Darkcore, Techno, Hardcore Jungle

Mix Info: Autobiography Of A Rave Kid Part lll

Length Mix: 01:01:50

Tracks: 24 (twenty-four)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 142 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

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