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Autobiography Of A Rave Kid Part V (2020)

It's Monday, and work has already been a bliss. Not saying that I dislike the weekends, but truth be told, last weekend hasn't been great. Insomnia has killed me. Being awake hasn't done me well. At least working from home got me doing stuff. But working hours are over, and it's time for me to wind down. The best kind of music to wind down to, has to be Rave music. Listen to me, hear me out. I'm not talking about the fast paced, 200+ BPM driven Rave music. I'm talking about the mellow Rave music. Once you see the tracklist, you know it makes sense what I'm saying.

So what kind of music should I be listening to? Rave music. But which kind? Present day stuff, early stuff, Millennium stuff? Well, whatever Selectabwoy throws at me, that's what I'll be listening to. And as usual, he has uploaded yet another cracking mix onto Soundcloud, filled with his own personal favourite anthems. This time it's focussed on the Rave with a trancey/technoey/housey vibe. Yep, those are all words from the dictionary, look 'em up.

He always delivers, never disappoints. He should name his Soundcloud page exactly that. I've been following him for a few years now, and he's fire! I even voted for him during last year's DJ Mag top100. I am a fan boy. A fan boy of Selectabwoy. And his latest mix shows us again why he's a legend. He always, and I mean ALWAYS, gets good feedback from the listeners on Soundcloud, and his mixes are reposted and retweeted and what else over and over again. And yes, I do that too. How else do you think I've become such a fan boy and hear about his latest mixes? Not stalking though.

Time for the tracklist, and it's a good 'un. Why is that, you might ask? Well, because for his latest instalment of his successful mix series 'Autobiography Of A Rave Kid' he has picked records of artists that I have never even heard of. And by that, I mean I know the artists, but not these songs. You'll know what I mean. You probably know these artists too, and will mainly remember them of their famous big hit, and these are sadly forgotten. No worries, Selectabwoy is here, saving us!

  1. Transformer 2 - Pacific Symphony

  2. Moby - Go (Delirium Mix)

  3. Rhythm Invention - Chronoclasm

  4. Psychotropic - Hypnosis

  5. Time Warp - Bird Rave

  6. The Future Sound Of London - Stolen Documents

  7. Coda - The Acid Test (Early Morning Mix)

  8. Nexus 21 - Self Hypnosis

  9. LFO - You Have To Understand

  10. Techno Grooves - Christ!!

  11. GTO - Pure (Energy)

  12. Nico - Field Of Vision

  13. Meng Syndicate - Sonar System (Speedy J Remix)

  14. Jam & Spoon - Keep On Movin'

  15. Nightmare On Wax - A Case Of Funk

  16. Colin Dale - Kowtow (F.X.T.C. Mix)

Now that's a wicked looking tracklist. Most of the artists on here I know, but the records Selectabwoy has selected, are unknown to me. They do sound familiar, might have heard them before in other mixes/livesets. But it just surprises me that every time Selectabwoy amazes us with yet another splendid mix. And how does he find these rare and obscure underground anthems?

I love this mellowed out Rave music. Not obnoxious or annoying at all. This would be the perfect music to hear 24 hours a day, and it wouldn't become annoying. And because it's not hard as hell, you can even have this on in the background, and you wouldn't offend anyone. Lovely relaxing music. Good selection, Selectabwoy.

I have only good and positive feedback for this mix. This is more like me, the European. This is what makes me tick. This is what makes me happy. A 53 minute long mix, with absolute slammers mixed together. Another wicked job, Selectabwoy.

Best record. That's difficult. I did like 'Self Hypnosis', 'Sonar System', 'Pacific Symphony', but the best one has to be 'Field Of Vision'. Lovely bit of acid sounds poured into this record. Lovely jubbly!

DJ: Selectabwoy

Genre/Style: Rave

Mix Info: Autobiography Of A Rave Kid Part V

Length Mix: 00:53:29

Tracks: 16 (sixteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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