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Bartjeng - VWAB Warm Up Mix (2018)

If you aren't Dutch or Flemish, you might not know the phrase on the image above. Let me explain it to you: Vroeger Was Alles Beter means Back In The Day Everything Was Better. It looks like one of those phrases you find in a toilet, on a tile. I know that in The Netherlands we've got such a thing, a tile with a good, funny, or beautiful phrase on it. But it's not about a tile or the tile industry, but the older Hardstyle stuff. The stuff I fell in love with. The Millennium sounding Hardstyle.

But you will be pleased to hear that we start off with some Euphoric Hardstyle, and end with some Hardcore anthems, also from the Millennium era. And that this mix was composed by Bartjeng. I cannot mention anything about the DJ or this mix, because I simply don't know anything about Bartjeng or VWAB. I'm guessing it could be an event promo mix? Answers on a postcard please. Or just leave a comment below.

Again, this is one of those mixes shared on Soundcloud. I would not have found it otherwise. Stupid algorithm. But anyway, let's focus on the music. A lot, and I do mean a lot of euphoric anthems. You will feel like you are 10-20 years younger again the second you hear these songs. And Bartjeng has picked some excellent anthems. Some of these tracks are sadly forgotten, but that's why it's good to hear them in a mix focussed on the earlier stuff. Flashback time, eh?

The tracklist, I'm guessing you want to see it, right?

  1. D-Block & S-Te-Fan - War Coz I'm Hard

  2. The Pitcher - Our Core

  3. Noisecontrollers - Interview

  4. Toneshifterz - We Are The Future

  5. Wasted Penguinz - Resistance

  6. The Pitcher - Take Me Higher

  7. D-Block & S-Te-Fan - The Nature Of Our Mind (Qlimax Anthem 2009)

  8. The Pitcher - Mad Killer w/ Zatox - Irreplaceable

  9. Noisecontrollers & Digital Punk - Blue Horizon

  10. Noisecontrollers & Toneshifterz - Empire Of The Sun

  11. Zany & The Pitcher - Guardian Angel

  12. The Pitcher feat Zany & DV8 - Fuck Hardstyle

  13. Zatox - Vintage

  14. B-Front & Bass Modulators -Quarantine

  15. Low-E & Alter Egosz - Vendetta

  16. Zatox meets The Rebels - Choirs

  17. Frontliner - Save.Exit.Planet (In Qontrol Anthem 2010)

  18. Zatox & Ran-D - Indoctrination

  19. Ran-D & Adaro - My Name Is Hardstyle

  20. Noisecontrollers - Bassleader Anthem 2008

  21. Zatox - Storm3000

  22. Solution & The I's - Mistress

  23. The Pitcher & B-Front - Noctus Noa

  24. Solutio & The I's - 2.17

  25. E-Force & Luna - Masterclass

  26. Kasparov feat Nikkita - Part Of The Project

  27. Ophidian & Ruffneck - So Many Sacrifices

  28. Lenny Dee - Forgotten Moments (Ophidian Remix)

  29. Tha Playah - Why So Serious

Good looking tracklist right? It does look great. But it also makes me realise that time is going too fast, and I do miss this earlier sound. Be it the Hardstyle or Hardcore sound. It was the sound I grew up with. This new Uptempo stuff is just not for me (yet). I still need to get used to it. I'm just getting older. Fuck.

Don't you just love the happiness surrounding these anthems? They were so cheerful and happy. Just what we wanted to hear. It got us all dancing on the dancefloor, on the stage, or even on tables and speakers. We were craving for so much more, and Hardstyle was just what we needed. And the producers that were big 10-20 years ago are still in the scene, demolishing speakers all over the world. Don't believe me? Noisecontrollers, Zatox, Ran-D, Zany, Frontliner, and more.

The mix is really good. It has some cross fading errors, but the generic gist behind it is quite good. It has taken me three days to review this mix, because I kept listening to it over and over, but now it's time to share this with you all. A nice and solid track list, and a good mix. Worth checking out, reminiscing on a time long gone.

Best record? 'Forgotten Moments' by Lenny Dee, remixed by Ophidian, that's a beast But for me 'Resistance' by Wasted Penguinz is still a solid dancefloor smasher.

DJ: Bartjeng

Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Euphoric Hardstyle, Millennium Hardcore, Hardcore

Mix Info: Bartjeng - VWAB Warm Up Mix

Length Mix: 01:34:44

Tracks: 29 (twenty-nine)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2018

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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