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Blue Note Volume Five (2020)

It's Saturday, everyone! The weekend has landed. We can all let our hair down, and chillax. And what better way to do so, by just listening to exquisite Drum and Bass, mixed by our favourite DJ Selectabwoy. He's such a regular to this page, we should really dedicate a page to him. Maybe I should ask him to do an interview, to see what he's up to, and how come he always delivers wicked mixes? Maybe I could do that. But until then, let's focus on the latest mix I found on his page.

This mix is already legendary. It carries the Blue Note name, which is a famous club, a club so famous, the Drum and Bass legends out there do talk about it, and praise it for having such an impact on the scene. I've never been, only read about it (in Goldie's autobiography) and heard about it in videos. Don't even know where it's located. But just seeing the name appear in a title, you know shit is about to go down. This name on its own has a lot of weight on its shoulders.

But, this is quite unique, Selectabwoy has collaborated with someone called Roadblock. I should go out more, because that name sadly doesn't ring a bell. But for this mix, Roadblock provided the music, and Selectabwoy mixed it all together. It seems that Roadblock has a good ear, and knows good Drum & Bass tunes. Combine that with Selectabwoy's excellent mixing skills, and you get the fifth instalment of this mix series.

If you are curious, and want to hear the previous instalments, check them out here! If you just want to see the tracklist, please proceed:

  1. Q Project & Spinback - L.E.D. (VIP)

  2. Deep Blue & Blame - Re-Transitions

  3. Jonny L - Underwater Communication

  4. Lemon D - Break It Up

  5. Hidden Agenda - Dispatches 2

  6. Peshay - Vegas

  7. Dom & Rob - Distorted Dreams (Desired States Remix)

  8. John B - Starburst 1.1

  9. Shimon & Andy C - Climate Control

  10. Nico & Makai - Omen

  11. Klute - Perceptron

  12. Matrix - Convoy

  13. Future Forces - Flash Gordon

  14. Ray Keith - Dark Soldier (Original Mix)

  15. Skyscraper - Liberty. 1

  16. John B - Secrets

  17. Digital - Metro

  18. Matrix - Sedation

  19. Intense - Motions (VIP)

  20. Goldie - A Sense Of Rage (Sensual VIP Mix)

Now, you see, I do love Drum & Bass, and I love the edgy and rough sound of it, and even though I do listen to a lot of DnB, I still find hidden gems on a daily basis. It's amazing to find new stuff every day. Literally, like every day! Most of the hidden gems are brought to me by Selectabwoy himself. Let's give this man all the credits he deserves. And honour him by listening to this yet another astonishing mix.

What I like about this mix, is the fact that the selection is great. Roadblock, whoever you might be, you've got good taste. Together with Selectabwoy they have created this wicked mix. Full of inspiring tunes. And the good thing is, no matter how you are feeling, this kind of Drum and Bass will always make you feel things, and will make you feel great. So chilling, so relaxed. If I would be in the Blue Note, I wouldn't even be dancing. I would be standing on the dancefloor like a mummy. Super still, and letting the vibes take over my soul. I cannot imagine people dancing to this. This is to be listened to without any movement of body parts: this is music for the soul!

Of course you should dance to this. I am talking bollocks. But me, sitting here at home (stupid COVID-19), I am enjoying the tunes, and absorbing the vibes. Not dancing at all. I am more of a listener, and can't dance for love nor money. I like this kind of DnB, and it makes me happy.

Selectabwoy has done it again.This legend has given us yet another awesome mix. With only the finest anthems out there. I can only give the man that much credit. But he deserves everything. A flawless DnB mix, with some underground anthems, hidden gems, and you are in Heaven for an hour and a half. Thank you Roadblock and Selectabwoy. You should work together more often! And I should listen to DnB more often. More. Like 24/7. It's fucking wicked!

DJ: Selectabwoy

Music Selecter: Roadblock

Genre/Style: Drum & Bass

Mix Info: Blue Note Volume Five

Length Mix: 01:27:19

Tracks: 20 (twenty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 218.1 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz

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