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Booka Shade - Movements (2006)

Sometimes you buy an album, and without having any opinion about it prior to purchasing it, it grows on you, and stays attached for the rest of your life. This is the case with the Booka Shade's album which was released back in 2006. I can't remember why I bought this album, but I did. I think at that time I was in love with their song 'Body Language', and I wanted to try something new and exciting. So I bought this album, not really knowing a lot about the duo Booka Shade.

Since 2006 it's been in my possession, and it has remained in my possession ever since. It's one of those albums you don't want to throw away, because the music is so damn good. I do mean it though: this album already gets 5 out of 5 stars from me. You don't need to read the rest of this review. 5 out of 5, that's a brilliant score, but it's a brilliant album, take it from me.

I have never seen them live, or even heard of them after this album. Maybe I might have done, but I cannot remember. But whatever happened after 2006, 'Movements' stuck with me. With it's already exciting and quirky arty cover, the music is also highly experimental. Electro and Tech House focussed songs. And you can hear influences from other artists in each song. But they still remain unique, and exciting.

The calm and soothing sounds are still fresh to me. So let me show you the tracklist, if you are bothered:

  1. Booka Shade - Night Falls

  2. Booka Shade - Body Language // Interpretation

  3. Booka Shade - Paper Moon

  4. Booka Shade - The Birds And The Beats // At The Window

  5. Booka Shade - Darko

  6. Booka Shade - Pong Pang

  7. Booka Shade - Mandarine Girl (Album Version)

  8. Booka Shade - Take A Ride

  9. Booka Shade - Wasting Time

  10. Booka Shade - In White Rooms

  11. Booka Shade - Hallelujah USA

  12. Booka Shade - Lost High

The tracklist isn't that exciting, unless you are aware of their big hits such as Mandarine Girl and Body Language. Hell, if you know who they even are, you might be excited. But if you've never heard of Booka Shade before, this tracklist won't do a single thing.

This album is as mellow as you can expect it to be. It does contain really cool dancefloor hits, but I think the majority of these anthems are to be listened to in a nice, chilling environment. Like in a cafe, or a nice lounge bar, or even at home. This music takes your mind into another dimension, and relieves you of any stress and anxiety.

It might be weird for me to say, but my favourite record of this album, well, it's not either of their biggest hits. And it's not what you would expect from me. It's 'At The Window', closely followed by 'Darko'. Whenever I hear 'At The Window', my mind just goes places, and I can sit here, in complete silence, enjoying the music, and let my thoughts ponder.

I really wanted to share this album with you, seeing as it's in my Top 10 of all time greatest albums - list. Should I call the list 'TCD's 10 Finest Albums'? Whatever list, it's on there. I really enjoy this album, even 14 years after its original release. And someone was nice enough to upload the whole album onto Youtube, for us all to enjoy. So if you are after a very relaxing Saturday, let Booka Shade take you places!

Artist:Booka Shade

Genre/Style: Tech House, Electro

CD Info: Booka Shade - Movements

Length CD: 01:00:00

Tracks: 12 (twelve)

Label: Get Physical Music

Product Number: gpm cd006

Release Year: 2006

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