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Burgaboy - Instarave Live - 13.06.2020

I am a Bassline fan. Especially when you are talking about the golden years, which to me were 2008 - 2011. And guess what kind of music I'm going to talk about? That's right, a livestream, presented and mixed by Burgaboy. The Bassline whizzkid. He's much older now, but still has that specific sound. And during his livestream on the 13th of June he decided to play the finest tunes, the good ol' tracks. Yeah, why fucking not?

Obviously it contains a few of his own productions, and a few other big classics. You won't be disappointed when you check out the tracklist. Maybe that's the reason why he looks so full of rage on the picture: he is just feeling the music, and he's going in hard. Or he needs the loo desperately. But let's focus on the mix, eh?

If you are a Bassline head like myself, you will love this mix. The tracks are really big, and some I've not heard in a while. Don't hear or see a lot of 'early' Bassline stuff on Soundcloud. Hence why I was happy when I saw this mix by Burgaboy. And he was even kind enough to add a tracklist. What a nice man.

Here's the tracklist I was talking about. Check it out:

  1. Benga & Coki - Night

  2. TS7 feat Addictive - Candy Rain

  3. Subzero - Get Milli Get Mad

  4. Lethal B - Pow 2011

  5. Sia - Little Man (Wookie Edit)

  6. Subzero - Quarantine

  7. D Double E - Wooh Riddem

  8. Monsta Boy - Sorry

  9. Burgaboy - Honest

  10. Burgaboy feat BM - Are You Single?

  11. Bassboy feat Phe Phe - I Can't Get Enough

  12. Macca - 010 Spaceship Anthem

  13. Subzero & Piddy Py - Gangsta Vibes

  14. Burgaboy - Shining Star

  15. Mr C - Next To You

  16. TS7 - Real Raver

  17. Sub - Madman Fear

  18. Burgaboy - The Way You Walk

  19. Burgaboy - Unrelease

  20. Wookie - Battle

  21. DJ Total - Bongo Mashup

  22. Scream feat Slick Don - Flex

  23. Subzero - You Wot Dub

  24. Burgaboy - Runaway

  25. Burgaboy - TRC Dub

  26. Burgaboy - Never Gonna Stop

  27. Burgaboy - Water

Wow. This brings back a lot of memories. I remember the days when I was so hyped up, and I was full into Bassline, I even was about to go to Niche, just to experience what everyone else was facing (I still lived in the Netherlands), but then Niche shut down. Bummer. I still remained in love with the sound, and even in 2020 the Bassline sound brings me joy and happiness.

Burgaboy is one of those artists I really like. I even bought his album. Can't remember the name to be fair, but a quick Google search might help me.... 'BASSic Mixtape Volume 1'. That's the one. Whatever happened to volume 2? It's been 12 years, maybe time for a new instalment of this mixtape series?

I did really like his productions, and thankfully we can find a few in here. Real dancefloor slammers they are. And the best one has to be the song by D Double E. What a fucking sick anthem. This is one of those songs that remains in your head for hours. He rhymes so damn fast, my brain can't even process what he's rhyming about!

A nice mix. A few small mixing errors, but he went in hard, as the image shows. Really a nice jump back into time. Worth a listen, and worth a like on Soundcloud!

DJ: Burgaboy

Genre/Style: Bassline

Mix Info: Instarave Live - 13.06.2020

Length Mix: 01:01:38

Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: Burgaboy - Soundcloud Page

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