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Caine - Straight From The Hard (EPS11) (2019)

Caine is back! The bald ginger bloke is back! It's been a while since I last heard a mix by this man: he's been pushing not just himself forward, but also an act called the Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz, ever heard of them? But today it's not about them, it's all about this ginger bellend, nipple loving, Scotchman. He is Scottish, isn't he? (I'm bad when it comes to accents). Wherever he's from, he's a legend. Can't believe he lives in the Netherlands now: the second I move to the UK to live near him, he moves away from me. He did that on purpose. Bastard.

Anyway, we are talking bollocks now. Ginger bollocks. But now let's be serious: we should be serious, it's music business we are talking about. Theracords have got their own podcast series, have you heard them? I haven't, and this is my introduction into the 'Straight From The Hard' podcast series. If this is episode 11, there are 10 other mixes you should check out. But let's focus on the eleventh instalment. Who else should you ask? Caine is the obvious choice. This legend is pushing his sound forward, and I'm digging it a lot.

In this hour long mix he has selected a lot of his own stuff, but also from a few friends of his. Obviously the main focus is Rawstyle. If this is too hard for you, please make sure you go away quickly! Move away from your screen and hide away from the world. If you think (on the other hand) that Caine is a soft pussy, and his music sucks donkey balls, press play. The tracklist is a beaty. Oh, and of course he played a GPF record. So predictable....

01. Caine - TBA

02. Caine with Sheryl Daneen - Angels Deserve To Die

03. Aversion - Unleashed (Pro Mix)

04. Yellow Claw feat Juicy J & Lil Debbie - City On Lockdown (Caine Bootleg)

05. Jebroer - Gaan Met Die Banaan (Riot Shift DJ Tool)

06. D-Sturb - Until It's Gone (The Next Level Edit)

07. Caine - There Will Be Blood

08. Rooler x Caine - Worthless

09. Malice x Luminite - Death Destruction (Malice Live Edit)

10. Riot Shift - From The Grave

11. Radical Redemption - Accumulated Filth (Resurrection Mix)

12. Caine - Underground Movement (Kick Edit)

13. Caine - Bring The RAW

14. Caine - Chunky

15. Delete & Rooler - Annihilate (Original Mix)

16. Riot Shift - Boundaries

17. Caine - Way Of Prophecy

18. Dither - Lethal Drop

19. Awoltalk - Deadonarrival (Caine Remix)

20. Dither & Mike Cervello - The Get Down

21. Caine & John Harris - No Mercy (Caine's 200 BPM Remix)

22. Caine feat Gyze - We Fight Together

23. Bombsquad x F.Noize - The Chop Show

24. Gravedgr - Rampage (Caine Remix) (220 BPM Rampage Mix)

25. Rooler - Yes! (GPF - Fuck! Remix)

Am I just imagining things, or is this mix hinting towards an upcoming Caine album? So much of his own productions in here. A few collabs, a few new records, and of course the hit of this moment (with Sheryl Daneen). Caine is on a roll, but is it finally happening? Is it coming?

Ah, thanks Caine for naming a record after me. That's cute. 'Chunky'. More podgy, but still, chunky will do.

Anyway, this mix. It keeps on reminding us listeners that this was done live, but where? Was it in Caine's bedroom? In DJ Thera's secret sex dungeon? In Matty's fish & chips shop? Where was this done, and how come I wasn't invited? Wherever it might have been done, it was a good location. Caine is on fire and gives us exactly what we need to hear. It's starts off with some nice Rawstyle anthems, and ending the mix with some ridicilous beats (must have been at least 69 BPM more than most of us can handle?) But he does the most logical thing: start slowly and finish hard and rough. It's like having sex. Can't start all hard and rough: you won't have any juice left after 40 seconds.

You know I'm all jokes. I love life, and embrace as much as I can. So when I talk bollocks, you know I'm lost for words, and I'm trying to fill in as much as I can, to look rather professional. But with this mix I simply urge you to honour the legend, and press play. And bombard his Facebook and Twitter page, and ask when his bloody album is coming out. We need more Caine. Pussy videos are nice, but music is all that matters. And nipples, that's for sure.

I've had a blast listening to this filth. Caine, you big bald fuck, you've done it again.

Best record? Pfew, there are two. But D-Sturb's 'Until It's Gone' is just pure filth, and 'Bring The RAW'. I just had to choose these two. Couldn't just pick one. If I had to, it would be D-Sturb's record. When you hear this record for the first time in this mix, the bass just hits you harder than the previous records! Pure filth.

Thanks Caine! You've made my Wednesday! Now go make pussy videos again.

DJ: Caine

Genre/Style: Rawstyle, Puzzycore

Mix Info: Straight From The Hard Episode 11

Length Mix: 01:03:43

Tracks: 25 (twenty-five)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown

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