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Charlotte de Witte - Exclusive Mary Go Wild Podcast (2017)

When someone says Mary Go Wild, I always think of the Grooveyard anthem from 1996. Do you remember that one? Obviously you might not know who was behind Grooveyard (it was Secret Cinema), but you must certainly know the song. But besides that, I know nothing about Mary Go Wild. Seen a lot of publicity on social media lately (with DJ Gizmo's book release)... and that's a shame. I do feel ashamed not knowing the history of this Mary Go Wild. And who the hell came up with that name? Mary must feel so proud, having something named after her?

All jokes aside, I don't know much but for a strange reason, the name stuck in my head. And when I saw that they had a Soundcloud channel, I decided to check what they had to offer. And they've got quite the selection. If you are into Dance music, they can surely provide you with enough music to keep you going. And one of those mixes was made back in 2017 by the Belgian Queen of Techno: Charlotte de Witte.

Obviously the reason behind this mix was because she had one of her EPs released on Mary Go Wild Black label. So not only did we get an EP by this legend, but also an hour and a half long mix. Back in 2017 they mentioned that she is one of our future Techno Queens, and they weren't lying. I could be absolutely wrong, but isn't she currently the biggest name in the Techno scene?

So which records did she select for this mix? Well, if you aren't one of the 16,3k+ listeners so far, here's the tracklist:

  1. Markus Suckut - First Movement (Original Mix)

  2. Charlotte de Witte - Lost (Original Mix)

  3. Charlotte de Witte - Look Around You (Original Mix)

  4. Alchemyst - Lucy (Moerbeck Remix)

  5. Rolando - Time To Jack (Marcel Dettman Remix)

  6. Charlotte de Witte - Voices Of The Ancient (Black Asteroid Remix)

  7. Patrick Siech - 1133 (Original Mix)

  8. SLV - Connections (Original Mix)

  9. Ness - Hololoop (Original Mix)

  10. Christian Wunsch - Chemical Reactions (Original Mix)

  11. Charlotte de Witte - Voices Of The Ancient (Original Mix)

  12. Avgusto - 0009 (Original Mix)

  13. Cosmin TRG - In Your Body (Original Mix)

  14. Gary Beck - Video Sirens (Original Mix)

  15. Vidrik - Tenebrionid (Ketch Remix)

  16. Ritzi Lee - Above Is Below (Original Mix)

  17. Amotik - Ath (Original Mix)

I loved this mix! I know I've heard a Charlotte de Witte mix before, but every time I find a new one, it always make me slightly happier. And this one is extremely dark, edgy, and yet tremendously exciting to listen to. Back in 2017 she might have been working her way to the top, but now she has reached the pinnacle of her work: the top. The undisputed Queen of Techno.

I really enjoyed this mix, and Charlotte's selection. Love her own productions, but also the other records she had selected. Most people are getting excited for football, but I'm excited to hear this mix yet again. I've favourited it for the last few days, and have been going back to it, listening to it over and over. Such a solid mix.

I wanted to say that her records are the best in this mix, but sadly, the best has got to be 'Lucy', remixed by Moerbeck, made by Alchemyst. What a dark record. I completely loose myself in this record. I close my eyes, and I'm in the darker depths of hell! I am experiencing the ultimate feeling a Techno lover can get; ultimate satisfaction. Love this record!

A solid mix.If you aren't into football, why not just check out Mary Go Wild's Soundcloud channel: lots of music, lots of excellent mixes. Oh, and while you are doing that, why not pay the Queen's Soundcloud channel a visit? Also hours of pure pleasure!

DJ: Charlotte de Witte

Genre/Style: Techno

Mix Info: Exclusive Mary Go Wild Podcast

Length Mix: 01:34:35

Tracks: 17 (seventeen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2017

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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