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Colin H - Piano Classics (Early 90's Happy Hardcore / Breakbeat) (2014)

The other day I was on YouTube, and I spotted a video focussed on DJs/producers guessing titles and artist names of songs from the 90s. It's the blind test series, run by Telekom Electronic Beats TV channel on the Tube, and they've got a wide range of DJs on the show, and each episode is dedicated to a specific sound/genre, and the latest one was focussed on Breakbeat Hardcore from 1990 to 1993. I was bitten by the Breakbeat Hardcore bug, and I immediately went to my trusted source Soundcloud, and found this mix by Colin H, done back in 2014.

This mix contains records from the early 90s, but the tone is a bit different. The vibe is slightly focussed on the happier side of Breakbeat Hardcore. And obviously a lot of pianos were involved during the making of these glorious anthems. A lot of them. But pianos and Breakbeat Hardcore go well together, hand in hand. When you do have a mix filled with these anthems that are filled with piano bits and bobs, it just make you happier!

Colin's mix contains a lot of amazing records. You get 35 epic records by some of the finest producers in the Breakbeat/Happy Hardcore scene. And I'm not the only one that thinks this way: it has had positive reviews since the day it was uploaded back in 2014. And I have to join those comments. It's a brilliant mix, 2 1/2 hours long, and the tracks are just pure pleasure filled anthems which have become timeless. And the tracks are still highly recommended not just in mixes like this one, but at raves too. You need to hear these tracks, you just need to hear them anywhere, everywhere.

But which ones am I talking about?

  1. Reinforced presents Nookie - Give A Little Love (94 Lick)

  2. DJ Slipmatt - My Own (Slipmatt Remix)

  3. Ramos & Supreme - Crowd Control

  4. Reinforced presents Nookie - The Sound Of Music

  5. DJ Seduction - Can You Feel It

  6. SMD - 1A (Slipmatt's Exclusive Album Mix)

  7. Seduction & Dougal - Better Days

  8. Seduction & Dougal - It's Not Over

  9. Sy & Unknown - Sudden Impact

  10. Billy Daniel Bunter feat Gem - Let It Lift You

  11. Seduction - Drop The Bass

  12. SMD - 3A

  13. Edit V - Sensation

  14. Seduction - So In Love

  15. Force & Styles - Dancing Through The Night

  16. Eruption - 12'' Of Love

  17. WE 3 - Groovy Dimensions

  18. Happy Rollers - '95 Style

  19. D-Zyne & Fury - The Horny Raver

  20. Happy Roller - Starjump

  21. Billy Daniel Bunter & D-Zyne - Ride Like The Wind

  22. DJ Fury - Soundflow

  23. Sunset Regime - Transducer

  24. DJ Chewy - Rock This Place

  25. Seduction - Hallelujah

  26. Billy Daniel Bunters & Seduction - Hop On The Dancefloor

  27. Seduction - Higher Now (Seduction & Unknown Remix)

  28. Seduction & Eruption - Bust The New Jam

  29. Sense Of Summer - On Top (Hixxy Remix)

  30. Ham & Demo & Justin Time - The Big Spill

  31. DJ Ham - Is There Anybody Out There (DJ Ham 1999 Remix)

  32. Ham & Demo & Justin Time - Here I Am

  33. Garion Fey - Can You Do This

  34. Slipmatt - Pure Release (Techno Mix)

  35. Quest - Spiritual Dawn

Been a tad busy today, working from home, and I had to pause this mix so many times, I had to restart it at least 4 times. But it's been on since 6am, and it still is, many hours later. I really enjoyed this mix, and I thoroughly enjoyed each record.

The mix is really good, and Colin has done his best to make a mix worth listening to. And it's got a shit ton of excellent Breakbeat/Happy Hardcore anthems, that have gotten the recognition over the years by the fans. Many years/decades since their initial release date, they are still loved, and danced to, all over the globe.

I even forgotten a few of these records. But thankfully Colin H reminded me of their existence, and I'm now loving life. Being happy, WFH, living in my own bubble, remembering how awesome the 90s were for Breakbeat/Happy Hardcore, and how awesome life was in general (well, at least for me). I was a bit too young when Happy Hardcore was around, so I did miss on partying then, but now I'm old enough, and wish I was old enough back then, to have witnessed the music dominating the world and parties all over the world.

A solid mix. And 35 amazing records. Don't have anything negative to say. 5 out of 5 stars, Well deserved!

DJ: Colin H

Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore

Mix Info: Colin H - Piano Classics (Early 90's Happy Hardcore / Breakbeat)

Length Mix: 02:27:58

Tracks: 35 (thirty-five)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 338 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2014

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