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Contagious Records Presents: Riko - Hazardous Soundz (2018)

TCD and Riko, we go hand in hand. Over the yers I have reviewed 90% of his albums, like the first three 'Contagious' albums, Bezza and Heller's albums, 'Contagious To The Core' albums, and now his latest album 'Hazardous Soundz'. With his latest release you do get the same promise: unmixed and DJ friendly records by DJ Riko and friends. For only £15 this album is yours (depending on your location though: £20 if you live anywhere outside of the UK)..

There are two ways of getting this album: physical copy and digital. I got my copy digitally. It all depends on your preference. I used to love physical copies, but there's no point: my car doesn't have a CD player anymore. So no point. And digital downloads are quicker. You don't need to wait for Postman Pat to deliver the album.

So what is it you get? Riko working alongside fellow UK Hardcore/Powerstomp artists such as Brady, It-Man, MC Eruption and more. To be honest, the majority I have not heard of before. It's good that Riko gives a stage to upcoming artists. And it's good he keeps the Powerstomp sound alive. Not many are doing that.

Let's see what your money can give you!

01. Riko & Brady - Put Your Hands Together

02. Riko & Cre@tor - Muthafukkin Drop

03. Riko & It-Man - On That

04. Riko & Mr E - Bitches

05. Riko vs Evo - Welcome To The Shadows

06. Riko & Laurence CC - I Need Your Lovin

07. Riko & Tidy - The Illusion

08. Riko & Laurence CC - Haha

09. Riko vs Lutronic - Feel Love

10. Riko & Brady - Take Your Soul

11. Riko vs Matt Milla - Hide & Seek

12. Riko, Chemtox & MrMr - Speakers Bout 2 Blow

13. Riko & Laurence CC - The Nun

14. Riko & Swifty - Blow This

15. Riko & MC Eruption - Fright Night

16. Riko vs Matt Milla - Its Not A Game Its War

Before you get all hyped up and want to read the previous reviews,, I have to disappoint you. Due to errors and bugs the old website can not be visited anymore, so all the older ones can not be retrieved anymore. The only thing I can do, is put the link to Riko's website underneath the review, and you can get the previous albums.

This album is again filled with UK Hardcore/Powerstomp records. And it's good. You can hear Riko 's progression over the years in each and every album he has released. Compare this album to his earlier work, and you will notice the difference. He has progressed. And I'm digging the direction he's going to. He's not the bedroom producer/DJ/label owner anymore. He has earned his place in the scene.

I've got no complaints regarding this album. It's a grown up album. What I mean by that is that it's an album you definately want to have. Riko shows us all how he has grown, and what to expect: a full on madness album. Some records are (in my opinion) too short sadly. But that's the only critisism I've got.

You can hear Riko's influences. A bit of 24/7 Hardcore, a bit of Lethal Theory, a bit of everything. And it's good! Another album he should be proud of.

Get this album right now. Download this digitally, or wait for your physical copy. Whatever floats your boat.

Act: DJ Riko & Various Artists

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Powerstomp, Gabber

Album Info: Contagious Records Presents: DJ Riko - Hazardous Soundz

Length Album: 01:14:11

Tracks: 16 (sixteen)

Download/Listen (via DJ Riko's Website): DOWNLOAD HERE

File Size: 748 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 1411kbps

More Information: DJ Riko - Official Website

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