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Core Criminal - Taking You Back Vol. 62 Special [Enzyme Records Tribute Set Part lll] (2021)

The weekend has landed! And now it's time to relax, and enjoy the weather. Yeah, right, like anyone will do that. Most of the world will be watching the EURO21 football games. For the next few weeks, it will be a complete nightmare for me, as I'm not a football fanatic. I'd rather spend time behind my PC, listening to sick ass mixes. Makes me much happier. No word of a lie. And today I have got a new mix for you all, focussed on one of the dopest labels in the Hardcore scene: Enzyme Records. And I came across this mix by accident. But thank God that I did.

So, Enzyme Records. A label founded by Patrick van Kerckhoven. Also known as Ruffneck. Funnily enough I did hear an interview with him the other day, which got me in the mood for some Enzyme Records, and the mix you are about to listen to wasn't the first one I found. I actually found another one, even darker than this one, but it had no tracklist. So a quick search on Soundcloud led me to this mix. Which has got a tracklist. Happy days.

Core Criminal made this mix. And I don't know much about this DJ other than the fact that he made this dedication mix. A tribute mix to one sick ass label. A label that never sees to amaze me, and always provides me with a new record, darker than the one before. I always love the darkness surrounding each record. It feels unique. This sound is linked to Enzyme Records, and I have been a fan for many years. As dark as it might sound, it still creates this happy feeling inside my stomach. Happy as Larry, hence why I couldn't just let this mix go by without reviewing it.

And secretly, deep down inside, you don't care about football either. Football or Enzyme Records? Simple choice, right?

Anyway, which records did Core Criminal use for this tribute mix?

  1. Ophidian - Angel

  2. Endymion - Failure (Nosferatu Remix)

  3. Hamunaptra - Smell Of Defeat

  4. Nosferatu feat The Wishmaster - Technological Civilisation

  5. Endymion - Hybrids

  6. Enzyme X - Skirmish

  7. Synapse - Nifty Tick

  8. Endymion - Voices Of The Death

  9. Sei2ure - Pneumatic Transmission

  10. Ophidian - The Chosen

  11. D-Drive - Versus

  12. Weapon X - Whatz Yo Name!

  13. Endymion - Payback

  14. Nosferatu - Intimidation

  15. Weapon X - Bad Boy

  16. Nosferatu - Disease

  17. Endymion & Ophidian - Petrification

  18. Ruffneck & Endymion - Justice

  19. Nosferatu - Bloodlust

  20. Ophidian & Ruffneck - Elegy (Nothing Can last Forever)

I remember hearing these many moons ago, and I even owned a few of these records. So amazing to hear them again, and they haven't lost their impact. Still hard as nails, these tracks. Powerful in 2021, powerful in the future. Timeless classics.

The tracks are obviously all up to the highest standard, but would you have expected anything else from artists such as Ophidian, Nosferatu, Endymion, Ruffneck, Enzyme X, and more? You know that they will always deliver the finest anthems. And according to this mix, it's also tagged as House. Never knew Enzyme Records made and released House music?

Really impressed with this mix by Core Criminal. A nice start to the weekend, and filled with tunes that will get us going. Or, if you are into football, might distract you from the EUROs. If that's the case, it should highlight to you that music means more than football. So spend your time listening to this, much nicer. And your soul will feel cleansed after.

A few tiny errors, but still highly enjoyable. Especially because it's got Ophidian's 'The Chosen' in there. What a beast of a track! Worth just listening to this mix for that track alone. And also 'Elegy' and 'Justice' and 'Angel'. Basically, just shut up and listen to this mix.

DJ: Core Criminal

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Millennium Hardcore

Mix Info: Core Criminal - Taking You Back Vol. 62 Special [Enzyme Records Tribute Set Part III}

Length Mix: 01:04:35

Tracks: 20 (twenty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown


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