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Cut-X - Blucher Terror - 1998

It is Sunday, yet another week has flown by damn quickly. Time is just unstoppable, isn't it? But at least it's one day closer to the end of lockdown. And that's something we should be looking forward to. All over the globe the COVID virus is slowly being pushed back, and hopefully we can rave again soon. But for now, we can just hold on, and remain in our homes. Come on, don't ruin it for everyone (including yourself), we are only a few weeks away. We can manage. And to get us through it, why not listen to an obscure mix I've only found a few days ago? You will thank me after. Unless you are obviously not into Hardcore/Terror....

Thanks to our favourite Hardcore channel on Soundcloud, magpie303, he has uploaded yet another wicked mix. One I've not heard of, or know of its existence. Cut-X? Does not ring a bell. Blucher Terror? Never heard of that either. So to me it's an obscure, underground mix. If you know anything, please enlighten me, it's always good to expand my knowledge.

The only thing I know is that this mix is hard as hell. Really hard. The tags on Soundcloud say 'Early Hardcore', but to me it's so much more than that! I would even categorise this under the main category 'Early Terror'. Why? Because this mix is hard, and the tracks aren't for the faint hearted. Yes, they might sound a tad main Hardcore-ish but the BPMs are faster compared to 'normal' Hardcore from around 1998. And it's rougher, really rougher. You might not like this, if you like slow and melodic and romantic Hardcore. This will certainly penetrate your ear drums and will leave you deaf for an hour or two after the mix ended.

So Cut-X, which records were used for this mix? If you are interested, here's the tracklist:

  1. Tieum - K 1000

  2. Tieum - Tribesman

  3. Tieum - Load Trax

  4. Tieum vs DJ Go!Go! - Lethargy

  5. Tieum - K 1000

  6. DJ Go!Go! - Weirdness

  7. Tieum - The Bass

  8. Tieum - Werlook

  9. Tieum - Let's Do It

  10. Brainbruiser - Killerpoint

  11. Tieum - Hardcore Clay

  12. Micropoint - Join Or Die

  13. Brainbruiser - Prisoners Of...

  14. Brainbruiser - Biteline

  15. Micropoint - Sodomination

  16. Brainbruiser - Kirra

  17. Brainbruiser - Langosta

  18. Technological Terror Crew - U.K. Fresh

  19. The DJ Producer - The DJ Producer Takes Deathchant To The Butchers

  20. Hellfish & Skeeta - The Running Man (The Butcher Of Bakersfield Special Edition)

  21. Tieum - H.P.

  22. Hellfish, Diplomat & Smarti - Eastcoast Killer

  23. HHS Bros & DJ Cek - Hey Amigo (Scum Of Haarlem - Mattone Mix)

  24. Diplomat & Beagle - Polaris (Remix)

  25. HHS Bros & DJ Cek - Rigor Mortis

So, this mix happened. Wowsers. This is one insane mix, and one that will certainly wake you the fuck up, if you weren't awake already. As mentioned before, I'm not sure who Cut-X is, or what Blucher Terror is, or means, but it has made me very happy. This takes me back to the days when I was full into everything Hardcore related, and it was released in 1998, the year I discovered the Tunnel of Terror for the first time, and never looked back ever since. This was the kind of music I adored during 1998 and the years following, and it has certainly made me appreciate the early sound.

If I had to compare the music from 1998 to the present day Terror, it's a completely different world. But if I'm honest, I do like both a lot. I'd prefer the older sound over the new sound, but still, love 'em both. This was all new and fresh back in 1998, and it grabbed many people's attention. I still hold fond memories of raving back in 1998, and Terror was a huge part of my life back then. The amount of time I've spent in Terror areas is insane. I must have ruined a good few pairs of sneakers in those areas. Raved my fucking ass off!

It is hard, and rough, and not for everyone. I understand. If you are a noob and know nothing about Terror music, you might not appreciate this. But consider this: it is still impressive how they made the music on the equipment they had back then. It isn't just 'boom boom' noises, there's a deeper level in each and every track.

The DJ must have been a huge fan of Tieum and Micropoint and Brainbruiser. A lot of tracks in this mix by these artists. But this ain't a bad thing.

A good and wicked mix. If you feeling a tad down, and you need a motivational mix, or just one that puts heat rub on your anus and makes you bleed for weeks, this is certainly a mix for you. Or, as I just thought of it and named it, a moist making mix!

Thanks magpie303 for yet another wicked mix. How does he find all these mixes?

DJ: Cut-X

Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Early Terror

Mix Info: Blucher Terror

Length Mix: 01:31:43

Tracks: 25 (twenty-five)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Type: unknown

File Size: unknown

Release Year: 1998

Audio: Stereo/Mono

Sample Rate: unknown


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