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Daniel Skyver - Truancy 009.1 (2022)

A random find on Soundcloud. Random as hell, because I wasn't looking for it, and it just popped up. And it's something I wouldn't normally look out for. But maybe I should. It's a mix that is suitable for today, and I'll explain it to you why. Well, I think it should be self explanatory, but in case you don't know, it's hot outside. Really hot. It's not even 10am and the temperatures are already mid 20s. It's going to be hot, and you need something to relax yourself, cool yourself down. Yes, it's nice to have something hard and rough playing through your speakers, but today it's not really needed. Wait until the weather turns cooler for the harder stuff, now it is time to unwind and relax...

It's a bit like our yesterday, Me and the wife were sitting in the garden, reading a book. Today will be the same, just chilling. And Daniel Skyver's mix suits our state of mind beautifully. Not really sure who the person is that made this mix, because it just appeared on my timeline, but after a quick press on the play button I knew that this mix was going to be very special. It resulted in me following this artist on Soundcloud, and if you feel the same way after listening to this mix, give this DJ a follow.

This is a very smooth sounding mix, perfect for today. It's cool and chilled. Filled with Trance anthems, it's a nearly 2 hour long set. And if it generates the same feelings as the ones I'm currently experiencing, you will thank me after for finding this mix and sharing it with you all.

Not familiar with the current Trance scene, as my focus is normally on the older/early Trance music, so the tracklist didn't tickle my pickle. But maybe it does something to you, to your pickle?

  1. Kristina Sky & Danny Stubbs feat Evan Henzi - Rollercoaster (Sunset Horizon Mix)

  2. Seth Vogt - After The Turn

  3. Massane - Wintry Wind

  4. Orkidea - Sublime

  5. Andromedha - Only Wide Open Space And Me

  6. L.Gu & Kryptic - Void

  7. Arturia & Jodie Knight - Dream In Colour

  8. Matt Nash - Forever

  9. Paul Thomas - Lorax (Heerhorst Remix)

  10. Christoph & Ross Quinn - Turning Away

  11. Cubicore & July Mell - Remember Me

  12. Another Dimension - Eternal Voices

  13. Dennis Sheperd x Brandon Le - Intouchable

  14. Bryn Liedl feat Bethany Marie - Sing To Me

  15. Harry Square - Two Sides

  16. Hausman - Techtonic

  17. Narel - Assonance

  18. Chicane - Offshore (Kryder Remix)

  19. BT - Paper Chairs (Alex Sonata & TheRio Remix)

  20. ASCO - Born Slippy

  21. Marco V - Aurora

  22. Ben Hemsley - Erase Me

  23. Sao Miguel - I Feel Loved

Very nice. Only a few names do ring bells, sound familiar. But the majority are complete unknowns, and I'm loving it. It's like delving into the abyss, eyes closed, but the outcome is pure bliss.

All philosophical bits aside. Let's focus on the mix. And there's nothing much to say. Daniel Skyver has made a very interesting mix. I wasn't expecting anything, if truth be told, but after listening, it has become apparent that his mix is dope, and I can't wait to check out more mixes like this one. It's a blessing to hear this mix, and all the tracks are solid.

I feel immediately calm and relaxed. My heart beat won't go above 60 BPMs. It does good things to me, this mix does make me really calm and all anxiety disappears.

Don't know what else there is to say? I could ramble on and on, but there's no point. Just chillax, enjoy, and embrace the last few hot days. And why not let Daniel Skyver take you through these hot days?

DJ: Daniel Skyver

Genre/Style: Trance, Progressive Trance, Minimal Trance

Mix Info: Daniel Skyver - Truancy 009.1

Length Mix: 01:57:41

Tracks: 23 (twenty-three)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2022


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