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DISC-U-TABLE @ Cliniq 27.06.2021

Sometimes you just scroll on a page, and find stuff you weren't even looking for. Today is one of those days. Well, it wasn't today, to be precise, but a few days ago. I was browsing my friend-in-need Soundcloud, and I found a mix by DISC-U-TABLE. Never heard of this DJ before or seen anything from him before, but I just took the risk/plunge and pressed play. The result was me being in Heaven! Literally! Nothing much is mentioned on his Soundcloud channel page, so if you want to know more, there's nothing much I can share with you.

I don't even know anything about Cliniq if I'm being brutally honest. So it's a stab in the dark, and I'm guessing it's an event? When it took place I do know (yay!), but where it took place or who else played there, I wouldn't have a clue. If you do know more, please leave a comment below. Would be interesting to read about this mysterious DJ and this mysterious event.

But let's focus on this mix. It's a House focussed mix. I am a House lover, especially the 90s House music, but not been very active with the present day House scene, so most of these records are complete unknowns to me. But trust me when I say that this might be of interest to you, reader. If you want to be pleasantly surprised, check out this mix.

The tracklist... it's going to be very long to type. So if I do make mistakes, apologies. But it's good to see so many songs crammed into this hour long mix.

  1. Maverick Sabre feat Jorja Smith - Slow Down (Slow Motion & Vintage Culture Remix)

  2. Anti Up - Hey Pablo (Original Mix)

  3. Cloonee - The Ciggie (Original Mix)

  4. Music P & Marque Aurel - F.E.E.L. (Angelo Ferreri Remix)

  5. KC Lights - SOL (Original Mix)

  6. Chris Lorenzo & Polina - Ghost Dub (Original Mix)

  7. Shift K3Y & Jay Robinson - Don't Look Back (Jay Robinson Remix)

  8. Daft Punk - One More Time (Matroda Remix)

  9. Dombresky & LUCATI - Like This (Original Mix)

  10. DJ KUBA & NEITAN & Sketch - Dancing (Original Mix)

  11. Mella Dee - Techno Disco Tool (Original Mix)

  12. i-D - Forgot My Text (Original Mix)

  13. KOOS - Magma (Original Mix)

  14. Chris Lorenzo - Every Morning (Original Mix)

  15. Sammy Virji - Dagga Da (Original Mix)

  16. Michael Sparks - Like Me (Original Mix)

  17. Sammy Virji - Dance Flaw (Original Mix)

  18. Skepsis & TS7 - Freak (Gentlemens Club Remix)

  19. MUUS - Say Something (Original Mix)

  20. OOTORO - Hit Em (Original Mix)

  21. Malaa - Bylina (Bellecour Remix)

  22. DISC-U-TABLE - Blow Ya Mind (Bootleg)

  23. Twisted Grooves - You're Dreaming (Original Mix)

  24. TUJAMO & NO SIGNE - Shake It (Original Mix)

  25. Matroda & Ricci - Caliente (Na Na Na) (Original Mix)

  26. NuBass & MC Dread x Boombox Cartel & Chris Lorenzo - NEW WIP Bankroll (DISC-U-TABLE Mashup)

  27. Cloonee - Get Stupid (Original Mix)

  28. Distinkt - Slim Shady (Original Mix)

  29. Pickle - Rump (Original Mix)

  30. Sosa UK - DFCW (Original Mix)

  31. Wittyboy - Selecta

  32. Drezo x Nu-Bass -Afterlife Rave Dragon (Moksi Mashup) (DISC-U-TABLE Re-Mash)

  33. Habstrakt - Show Me (VIP)

  34. Valentino Khan & Ship Wrek - Obsession (Original Mix)

  35. The Partysquad vs Afrojack - A msterdamm (Original Mix)

  36. Ricky West x Beganie - Origins (Original Mix)

  37. Ricky West & LAMMER - UFO (Original Mix)

  38. Ricky West - The Streets w/ Sigurd Barrett - Pilfingerdansen (Remix)

  39. Peter's Finest - Ee (Original Mix)

  40. NuBass - Pizza Planet (Original Mix)

  41. Bingo Players - Devotion (DISC-U-Table Bootleg)

Again, I'm not a huge House follower, and 99% of the songs are unknown to me, but I won't let that spoil the fun. I just jumped straight in, and let the music do its thing.

DISC-U-TABLE made a very interesting mix with a lot of excellent tunes. I can picture myself dancing to this in a club. This is right up my street, and makes me very happy. Not aggressive or annoying, just nice Club/House tunes. Danceable, and that's important too: you need to show you've got the moves, and with this mix you certainly have to show that you've gifted.

I do like the mix. It isn't perfect, but good enough. It gets me going, and gets me excited. A lot of dancefloor smashers, with a few errors in it, but that wouldn't spoil the fun. DISC-U-TABLE has made a very entertaining mix, but he's got a few on his Soundcloud channel, so if you are into this kind of music, jump on the bandwagon and press play.

A nice mix, few errors, but nothing major. And a wicked Disco type song: 'Techno Disco Tool' by Mella Dee. Now that's one funky ass tune!


Genre/Style: House, Dance, Club, UKG

Mix Info: DISC-U-TABLE @ Cliniq 27.06.2021

Length Mix: 01:01:08

Tracks: 41 (forty-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: DISC-U-TABLE - Soundcloud Channel

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