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DJ Brisk @ Slammin Vinyl vs Hardcore Heaven (1998)

On Partyflock there are a few fellow Dutchmen who also love UK Hardcore, and in this group we talk about a lot. The other day, one of the regular contributors mentioned to me that he was listening to a few oldskool Brisk sets, and I asked him which one I should definately check out. The one he mentioned was the Slammin Vinyl vs Hardcore Heaven set, recorded at the Santuary in Milton Keynes back in 1998. 21 years ago. With MC Storm on the microphone.

Long time DJ Brisk fan, there's still a lot for me to hear. I've not been on his website for quite a while, but what I do know is that you can find shitloads of mixes on it. So if you checked this mix out and want more, why not check out his website?

Anyway, Milton Keynes. 1998. A long time ago. When everything was much easier, and happier. You will see the tracklist and will get a happy buzz, because you know that this is as happy as you can get it.

01. Double R - Shadows

02. Bass Reaction - Technophobia (Scott Brown Remix)

03. Bass-X - Horsepower

04. Alas Smith & Sharkey - Oh No!

05. Bass-X - Make Em Clap

06. DJ Robbo & Jon Doe - Power

07. Twist & Friendly - Rock The Place

08. Paranoia - Tomorrow

09. DJ Fade - Freedom (Frantic Remix)

10. Breeze & DNA - Driving Me Crazy (Frantic Remix)

11. Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - DJ's In Full Effect (DJ Brisk Remix)

12. Brisk - Set Free

13. Brisk & Trixxy - Eurolove

14. Stealth - See Me Climb (Brisk's Electro Flava Mix)

15. Brisk & Vinylgroover - Freedom 2 Dance (Triple-J Remix)

16. Bang! - Break Of Dawn (Brisk & Ham Remix)

Before you go 'but the quality of the audio sucks', let me remind you that you are probably too young to understand how us kids back in the day got our buzz. It was on mixtapes, on cassettes. This was the golden era, when everyone has a cassette player. Yes, the quality might have sucked massively, but for us it was magical! How was it possible to walk around, listening to your favourite music, without being disturbed?

Anyway, someone uploaded this onto Youtube, so we can all experience the madness happening in Milton Keynes. You can hear the whistle crew in the background (they are lively), and accompanied by the tunes is MC Storm, getting the crowds alive and kicking. This set is really intoxicating, and if I need to elaborate why this set is wicked, you ain't Hardcore, son.

Brisk's mixing is tight. Really tight. Smooth and sexy. Towards the end of the set it might look like Brisk is loosing the plot, but I don't think that's the case: I think the actual cassette was fucked. That would normally be the case. But during those 55 minutes Brisk kills it all! He comes and destroys the speakers. He showed the people at Slammin Vinyl vs Hardcore Heaven how to party.

I've got nothing bad to mention. Still can't believe that this happened 21 years ago. The tunes sound so fresh, and not outdated. Or is that because I still live in the 90s? Whatever it might be, it's worth checking this mix out.

Ps. I do not know for sure if this flyer used for this review is the correct one, but who cares?

DJ: Brisk

MC: Storm

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Slammin Vinyl vs Hardcore Heaven 1998

Length Liveset: 00:55:25

Tracks: 16 (sixteen)

Download/Listen (via YouTube): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown

More Information: DJ Brisk - Official Website

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