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DJ Delite - 180 4 Hardcore January '22

It's Saturday, a day to relax. Or for some, a day to get ready for the rave ahead. Whatever you are going to do this weekend, make sure you doing it safe and sound. But if you are going to a rave this weekend, have a lot of fun, and maybe this mix I'm about to show to you might get your hype level way up there. DJ Delite, who has been giving us many mixes over the years, has uploaded a brand-spanking new mix. Obviously it's not January 2022 anymore, but it's never too late to get excited, right.

No joke, the last time I saw Delite, was back in Leamington Spa for Cwhynny's birthday party. God, that's a few years ago. Can't even remember when it was. But it's at least 4 years ago. He didn't perform there (Delite), but he was there, enjoying the music. It was cool as fuck, and different. But yeah, I've never had the opportunity to hear Delite play live. Is that a shame? Well, I wouldn't be able to answer that, as I'm not sure if it's any good. Have you ever seen/heard Delite live? If so, how was it? Please leave a comment below, but not if you are Delite. You can't rate yourself, dude!

A couple of months ago I reviewed another Delite mix, and now he kindly reminded of his latest mix. It's jam packed with UK Hardcore, all played at 180 BPM. Can you handle 180 BPM? Is it too hard for you? Or is it just right for you? It all depends on the tunes selected by Delite. They could all be big club smashers, or stinkers. But Delite won't do that, surely? Only hit after hit?

The tracklist for those who've not seen it on Soundcloud yet, here it is:

  1. Ben Nicky, Olly James & MC Stretch - We Are The Ravers

  2. Darren Styles & Gammer - Superhorn

  3. Komb & Tatsunoshin - For You (Ready For This)

  4. Stompy, Eazyvibe & Zetamale - Dance All Night

  5. Al Storm - Boomz & Bangz

  6. Darren Styles, Timmy Trumpet & Azteck - Dance Tonight

  7. Fracus, Darwin & Riffresh - Let Me Take You (Original Mix)

  8. Al Storm & Rob IYF - Falling Down (Raver Baby Revival Radio Mix)

  9. Da Tweekaz - White Lines

  10. Darren Styles & Tweekacore - Without You

  11. Cascada, Timmy Trumpet, Harris & Ford - Never Let Me Go

  12. Fracus & Darwin - Better Days

  13. Joey Riot & Violate - Bad Boyz 4 Life

  14. Gammer feat Hudson Mohawke - Quit

  15. Eazyvibe - Who Am I

  16. Al Storm & Malaya - Every time We Say Goodbye (Bananaman & Gisbo Radio Mix)

  17. Zetamale, Stompy & Eazyvibe - Grown Together

  18. Quickdrop - Blinding Lights

  19. Stonebank - The Power

  20. Technikore & Jörg Schmidt - Fusion

  21. Styles & Breeze - You're My Angel (DS VIP Extended Mix)

  22. Darren Styles - Save Me 2022 (DS VIP)

  23. Darren Styles feat Jelle van Dael - Need To Feel Loved

  24. Q-Tex - Power Of Love (Eazyvibe & Stompy 2021 Remix)

  25. Atmozfears & Sound Rush - Country Roads

I've got to be a bit honest here: you all know I'm a huge fan of UK Hardcore, but I still need to adapt to the current phase it's going through. The music can be good, but it's just so different to what I'm used to. It will take me some time to get used to it fully and maybe appreciate it the same I do with the Millennium UK Hardcore sound. So I might be a tad harsh during this review, but at least you know the backstory, right?

The last couple of weeks I've been going back in time, and been listening to some epic UK Hardcore mixes with records from around the 2000s, and if I compare Delite's mix to them, it's a completely different world. A lot of influences from other styles such as Hardstyle and EDM, and sometimes it works. And Delite has used a few wicked anthems in here, showing it can work. And it's nice to see a few names still kicking out the anthems, such as Darren Styles and Gammer, and they still know how to produce wicked rave anthems.

There are some cracking anthems in here, and I love that they are keeping UK Hardcore interesting, even in 2022. It's a style of music that will never go away, just get use to it. And Delite's selection is really nice to see, but (uh oh, here's the miserable sod.... me!) I just don't know about revamping older anthems. Especially 'You're My Angel', 'Save Me', etc. You just don't need to change anything at all: the original tracks were already the best of the best!

But then this mix also contains records I wasn't ready for. I'm not a fan of Da Tweekaz or Tweekacore, and most of their tunes are completely dreadful anthems (don't like that kind of cheese), but the track with DS 'Without You' is a big bad ass track. So they do know how to make a wicked anthem?? Who knew (lol).

And now some criticism toward the Dutch. I know we like to muck about, but fuck me sideways: 'Country Roads' has to be the worst song coming out of the 'Hardstyle' scene ever made! I know it's not a serious song, but just don't make it. It does remind me of Fallout 76, which was also a shit game. Well, maybe you can enjoy it when it's the last track of the night and you are already out of this world...

All seriousness aside, it's a very pleasant mix, with a few big songs, and a few stinkers, but still highly recommendable. And it's downloadable, so why not just click 'play' and see if my sarky comments are justified, or I'm just in need of a higher dosage of Sertraline? You tell me!

DJ: Delite

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Hardcore, Hardstyle

Mix Info: DJ Delite - 180 4 Hardcore January '22

Length Mix: 01:19:04

Tracks: 25 (twenty-five)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 202,1 MB

File Type: mp3

Release Year: 2022

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44,1 kHz

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