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Dj Graeme Smith - Scott Brown Evolution Competition Mix (2020)

The UK is about to have an extremely long weekend ahead. Only a few more hours of sleep, and most of us will be experiencing a 4 day weekend. Thanks Queen Elizabeth for granting us that added day due to you being on the throne for 70 years! Amazing. To start these celebrations, let's listen to a mix, which was a competition mix, focussed on the UK Hardcore King himself and his label: Scott Brown and his Evolution Records. You might be wondering what the similarities are between our Queen and King Scott Brown? Both have been ruling this country for donkeys years! They are both rulers, and we all know it. Even though Scott's face doesn't appear on our coins or his name doesn't appear on our post boxes, his importance can be felt throughout the UK, and also the rest of the world!

Scott Brown has been a busy boy since the early 90s. And even up to this date he's been doing his thing. And that thing is producing wicked anthems. This mix, made by Graeme Smith, was a competition mix, and it's filled with anthems by the man himself. And when I say filled, I do mean filled. An hour long mix with 19 of the finest Scott Brown produced tracks. Be it under his normal name or one of his many aliases.

I don't know much about this competition, or who won this competition, but it's always good to find these mixes. This could be the right mix for you all to get the long weekend started? I've been listening to this since 6am, and it been on repeat ever since. It's certainly a good mix to start your working day with. Or start a gym session with? This could give you enough power to hit the dumbbells or hit the cross trainer. Whatever it is you do in the gym is up to you.

So let me show you the records Graeme selected for his competition entry mix.

  1. Scott Brown feat Kelly C - Need You In My Arms

  2. Scott Brown feat Cat Knight - All About You

  3. Scott Brown - Fly With You

  4. Q-Tex - Power Of Love 2001

  5. Scott Brown - Elysium Plus

  6. Scott Brown - Memories (Plus System Remix)

  7. Plus System - Neckbreaker

  8. Hardcore Authority - Definition Of A Badboy

  9. Plus System - Blue Anthem

  10. Plus System - Commence

  11. Scott Brown - Taking Drugs?

  12. Plus System - Do It Like We Do

  13. Plus System - This Is How We Do It

  14. Scott Brown vs Hyperbass - I Became Hardcore

  15. Lord Of Hardcore - Crushed Testes

  16. Scott Brown - Now Is The Time 2001

  17. Scott Brown - Rock That Body

  18. Bass Reaction - Technophobia (Power Mix)

  19. Scott Brown vs Hyperbass - Life Or Death

A solid tracklist with a shit ton of wicked Scott Brown produced anthems. Is he the ultimate Hardcore King? Some might have the title Godfather of Hardcore, but King sounds much better. Ask Lizzie, she knows. To me he's definitely an important influence in both UK Hardcore and the Dutch Hardcore scene, and has remained respected by audiences all over the world.

Again, I don't know the outcome of this competition, but surely Graeme's mix was in the top 3, he must have been a finalist? It's a solid mix, with a bit of scratching here and there too, just to spice things up. But his track selection is excellent, and it's nicely mixed together.

Yes, he's picked one of the worst UK Hardcore anthems of all time too, but can't blame people playing 'Do It Like We Do'. Some find it a good anthem, I'd rather hear Justin Bieber's 'Baby' on repeat for the rest of my life.

But all serious now: he's made a wicked mix. He's got a lot of big anthems in here, including 'Blue Anthem', 'Neckbreaker', 'Elysium Plus', but I had to pick 'Taking Drugs?' as my favourite. The most and catchiest Hardcore anthem of all time. One of my most favourite UK Hardcore anthems ever made!

If anyone entered this competition and knows the outcome, that would be cool to share: leave a comment below.

DJ: Graeme Smith

Genre/Style; UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Gabber

Mix Info: Dj Graeme Smith - Scott Brown Evolution Competition Mix

Length Mix: 00:58:47

Tracks: 19 (nineteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2020

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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