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DJ Hanson - Naughty Tech House Mix (2018)

Crikey, that's a name I have not seen for many years! DJ Hanson! Fuck me sideways, I was really amazed to see this name again. As you all might know (or not): I've been blogging for many years, and I reckon I'm not far off a decade. And I've had many websites which crashed, or were taken over by stupid Trojan horses, so I don't have any of the older reviews. Can't even remember what my first ever review was. But Hanson was one of the first artists who featured on it.

The older websites are gone, forever. But that's not something to be sad about: the older reviews were absolutely disgraceful and kinda dumb. Now it's more professional (but still a bit silly). So with my new website it's time to add Hanson back on here. And his latest mix contains music I've not heard before. I don't hear many House mixes. Well, not as much as I wish I could.

He reminded me of this mix a couple of weeks ago, but sadly I was in hospital, and now I'm recovering. So it has taken a while for me to compose this review. But it's not too late for you all to appreciate this Tech House mix!

01. Pawsa - The Groovy Cat

02. Return Of The Jaded & Juliet Sikora - Did You Take My Money

03. ID - ID

04. Billy Kenny - Move Like Aliens

05. Gawp - Clownbite

06. ID - ID

07. Weiss - Bergerac

08. ID - ID

09. Idris Elba - Make It Bump (Andrea Oliva Remix)

Yes, this has got a few ID-less records, and if you are into Tech House, you could enlighten us with the missing titles. If Tech House is not your cup of tea, why read this review? Please elaborate.

Hanson has made a very interesting mix. Can't really compare his mix to any older mixes he has done, because it's been years. Many years, as I said before. So the focus is the present mix.

The music is chilled, and so am I. This has got nothing to do with the medication I'm currently getting, the music gets me in the right mood. This nice and relaxing mix does contain really awesome dancefloor smashers. This is the kind of music each and every parent could listen to, and not give their kids any hard time for doing so. This is peaceful music. Also the kind of music I could listen to for hours.

I've got nothing to mention but only love and credit for Hanson for making this really relaxing mix. And to finish the mix with a record by the 'future' James Bond is really ace. Welcome back, DJ Hanson!

DJ: Hanson

Genre/Style: Tech House, House

Mix Info: Naughty Tech House Mix

Length Mix: 00:58:45

Tracks: 9 (nine)

Download/Listen (via Mixcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: DJ Hanson - Mixcloud Page

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