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DJ Hardstomper presents THE SUMMER OF PUSSYLOUNGE 2023

Freestyle is still a fairly 'new' concept to me, and not been ventured too much into the world we know as Freestyle, but it's an exciting concept. And very interesting. Obviously you've seen a few reviews over the years passing by, where I was talking about Freestyle, and it is still going strong, so there must be a huge following, supporting the scene, right? I've not been to a rave where they play Freestyle, nor have I been to a Pussy Lounge event, so I wouldn't know. There's a few videos on YouTube, but that's all. But I'm guessing it's still going strong, right?

Since I was a teenager, I've been listening to music that didn't fit the bill. So Freestyle is a style of music that I can listen to, and understand why people keep it alive and kicking. I just don't listen to it very often, and it could be because of the stupid algorithm on Soundcloud and YouTube. Maybe once every few months. But when it does appear on my timeline, I do absorb it like a sponge.

One of those DJs that I follow, is Hardstomper. His Thunderdome Revolution 2022 mix was the first one I spotted, and much appreciated. It unfortunately isn't on Soundcloud anymore, which is a pity, but hearing that mix made me realise that I am well into this kind of music. Yes, Hardcore is my jam, but this kind of refix/remix/mashup mixes is certainly my cup of tea.

Not all songs are as successful as they should be, and some are quite boring, but the majority do keep us on our toes, raving the day & night away. Today's mix is focussed on Pussy Lounge and the Summer of 2023, so let's go to the tracklist, shall we?

  1. Potato - ID

  2. Hardstomper & Error In The System - 90s Mash Vol. 1

  3. Potato - Mashed Potatoes 11 (90s Outdoor)

  4. Clayton Clash - Collateral Coins Vol. 2

  5. Lasgo - Something (Clayton Clash Bootleg)

  6. Hardstomper & Error In The System - Mega Mash Vol. 1

  7. Potato - Toolbox 3 Everybody's Free (DJ Tool)

  8. Potato - Mashed Potatoes 8 (90s Outdoor)

  9. Ricardo Moreno & Potato - Mashed Moreno's

  10. Milk Inc. - Walk On Water Bootleg (DJ Jens & Woodpecker Bootleg)

  11. Potato - Mashed Potatoes 7 (K.U.T. & Hardstomper Edit)

  12. Hardstomper - The Logical Blade Song (DJ Tool)

  13. Pat B & The Rebel - Turn It Up

  14. Hardstomper - F.T.B. (Fuck The Backstreet Boys) (DJ Tool)

  15. Dee-Block & S-Te-Pack - What Is Love (PLN-B F#ck You Edit)

  16. Warface - Mashup 6.0 (Madmize Kick Edit)

  17. Hardstomper & Error In The System - Ravers In The Nation (Bootleg)

  18. Marc Acardipane - One Love, Hardcore (Unknown Bootleg)

  19. Dune - I Can't Stop Raving (DJ Hardstomper's HC Refix)

  20. The Viper - Dust Into Gold

  21. Sunbeam - Outside World (Never Surrender Mash Up)

  22. The Viper x Panic x MC Boogshe - The Spring

  23. Paul Elstak & The Viper & Boogshe - Rave Rinse Repeat

  24. DJ Isaac - Bad Dreams (Never Surrender Edit)

The mix is only 55 minutes long, but certainly entertaining enough. Time does fly by, especially when you are doing choirs around the house. Put the volume on max, and have a blast! It will give you enough power to keep on doing what it is you are doing.

The mashup songs did contain a few songs I've not heard in a while. And some of these refixes too. And there's also a few new tracks in here. It's a mashup of everything Hardstomper could find. And that's really interesting to hear.

I am just not a fan of songs that have Boogshe in it. Her voice does not suit me, and I find Paul Elstak's song extremely boring. Really not my cup of tea. His set lately are boring too, but that's just my personal view.

But what does blow me away, is the Sunbeam song. The Never Surrender mash up. What a brilliant track that is! A timeless classic masterpiece.

A solid mix. It gave me enough energy to do what needed to be done. Worth listening to, if you are into Freestyle music!

Ps. both reviews I've done for previous Hardstomper mixes are now deleted, as the mixes don't exist on Soundcloud anymore. How long will this new mix remain online? Who knows...

DJ: Hardstomper

Genre/Style; Freestyle, Hardcore, Hardstyle, Jumpstyle, Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: DJ Hardstomper presents THE SUMMER OF PUSSYLOUNGE 2023

Length Mix: 00:55:55

Tracks: 24 (twenty-four)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2023


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