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DJ Promo Megamix (2001)

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

So, this mix happened. Well, not that I had any say in it, but what I'm trying to say is that this mix nearly landed on my lap. Jason S, the megamix master, mentioned on his social media pages, that he had a mix online, which he made back in 2001, and it was as ridiculous as you have guessed it: 58 tracks in an hour long mix. All DJ Promo records. You couldn't make this stuff up. This stuff is made by legends! We all know Jason S from his mighty megamixes, and this is year another one we can add to our already existing music catalogue.

And we all know DJ Promo. The ultimate Hardcore legend. The man who gave us literally thousands of songs (well, not that literally), and his music shaped our youth. It gave me music to dance to. And he was really experimental. He did what no one else did, and he just said 'fuck it'. He was the inventor or this Promo sound, and the Promo files resembled that specific sound. You can tell a track has been made by him.

Promo has been a stable producer for the Hardcore scene since the mid 90s, and has given us many memorable dancefloor anthems. The dancefloor became Hardcore because of him. He had the natural capability to make nearly each and every song work. Be it Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Industrial, you name it. He is a master of his craft. And the best thing of it all? He created memories! A memory to each song he created. You can hear them, and immediately get goosebumps, and it will also take you back to the 90s/00s, raving in a field, or a massive hall. He's gifted, you know.

So let's see this massive tracklist. I wish copy-pasting was easier, but sadly it's not going to be easy. So here we go:

  1. Jason S - Intro : DJ Promo Megamix From The Darkside

  2. DJ Promo - Back In Time

  3. DJ Promo - Metal Warfare

  4. DJ Promo - What The Fuck?

  5. DJ Promo & DJ X-Ess - Vicious Circle

  6. DJ Promo - Counter Attack

  7. DJ Promo & Trickstyle - What U Want

  8. DJ Promo - Patterns In Chaos

  9. DJ Promo - Up Yours!

  10. DJ Promo - Emotions Over Anger

  11. DJ Promo - Life From The Other Side

  12. DJ Promo - I Come Correct

  13. DJ Promo - X-Termination

  14. DJ Promo - System Feedback

  15. DJ Promo - Broaden Our Minds

  16. DJ Promo - 20.000 Freaks

  17. DJ Promo - The Industry Can't Stop Me

  18. DJ Promo - The Bad Guy

  19. DJ Promo - King Of Pain

  20. DJ Promo & Catscan - Midnight Impact

  21. DJ Promo - Dancefloor Hardcore

  22. DJ Promo & Catscan - Battle Of The Sexes

  23. DJ Promo - My Underground Madness

  24. DJ Promo - Driven By Instinct

  25. DJ Promo & Catscan - Chaos In The Flesh

  26. DJ Promo - My Recipe For Disaster

  27. DJ Promo & Catscan - Virgin Territory

  28. DJ Promo - Running Against The Rules

  29. DJ Promo - Bullet From My Gun

  30. DJ Promo & DJ Bike - No Commercial Sound

  31. DJ Promo - Can You Thrill Me?

  32. DJ Promo & Digital Boy - Serious Damage

  33. DJ Promo - Procurer Of The Cure

  34. DJ Promo - Different Breed Of Men

  35. DJ Promo - Phreak Ya Speaka

  36. DJ Promo & DJ X-Ess - Guns 'n Ammo (Under Construction Mix)

  37. DJ Promo - Just A Feeling

  38. XXX Rated - Mad-Donna

  39. DJ Promo & DJ Delirium -Bass Power

  40. DJ Promo - It Runs Deep Part 1

  41. DJ Promo - It Runs Deep Part 2

  42. DJ Promo - Cheating Bitch (Dedicated)

  43. DJ Promo - Cold As Stone

  44. DJ Promo - Can't Hold Me Down

  45. DJ Promo - Feel The Thunder

  46. DJ Promo - Beat Ya Brain Again

  47. DJ Promo & Solo - Psycho Style

  48. DJ Promo - This Underground Sound

  49. DJ Promo - Kill Tha Noise

  50. DJ Promo - I Wanna Freak You

  51. DJ Promo & Ming - From The Darkside

  52. DJ Promo - Shit To Die For

  53. DJ Promo & Da Vinci - Sing It Louder

  54. DJ Promo - Boomin' Out The Box

  55. DJ Promo - Shut Up!

  56. DJ Promo - The Incredible

  57. DJ Promo & The Judges - I'm The Law

  58. Jason S - Outtro: Signing Off

Now this is a beast of a tracklist. So f**king full of DJ Promo stuff, all from the golden years of Hardcore. This literally takes me back to my youth. When I was a teenager, DJ Promo was my ultimate hero. His music touched so many souls, and kept ravers dancing, all over the world. Is DJ Promo Hardcore? He sure hell is!

Obviously it contains the biggest hits by DJ Promo, like 'Phreak Ya Speaka', 'Can't Hold Me Down', 'My Underground Madness' and more, but also the kind of less famous anthems. Jason S's job to make this all work well has paid off. This 68 minute long mix is indeed what I needed. There are many DJ Promo megamixes online, even made by the legend himself, and this is a nice addition to the already existing mix database. I cannot get enough of his music.

It was hard to pick one favourite anthem out of these 56 wicked and truly remarkable pieces of art. But after consideration, I have selected one: 'I'm The Law'. I know I know, a very controversial decision, but it's mine. There were simply too many to choose from, and hell, I was a fan of Sylvester Stallone back in the 90s, and Judge Dredd was a kick ass film. So ner.

Anyway, however you look at this mix, it's fantastic. Maybe tiny little errors, but nothing to be worried about. I wish this WASN'T a megamix, but a normal length sized mix. I wish the records would be longer than 1 minute. But that's just a dream. I could listen for hours to DJ Promo's records. A true living legend. Captured nicely by Jason S' another smashing megamix from 2001!

DJ: Jason S

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber

Mix Info: DJ Promo Megamix

Length Mix: 01:08:14

Tracks: 58 (fifty-eight)

Download/Listen (via Mixcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo/Mono

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: DJ Jason S - Mixcloud Page

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