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Drokz Tribute Mix By Execrate (2021)

It's Tuesday. Terror day. Well, it isn't, but let's call it that anyway. Terror. We need more Terror music in our lives. And today I saw that Opa Drokz uploaded yet another new mix, but it did not contain a tracklist. But I was in the mood for some Drokz, if you catch my drift? Today's been a slow paced day, and I needed something fast, rough, and hard as fucking nails. Obviously you go to the grandaddy of them all: Drokz. I am adore this man and his passion and dedication. He's the focus of everything Hardcore and Terror related. He has embraced the lifestyle and the Dutch culture, which has now gone global. Well, I didn't mean to say it had only gone international today, but it is a global phenomena. It's everywhere, and thanks to artists as Drokz it is still alive and kicking. And he always brings in new music. He's unstoppable!

So why am I talking about him if it's not the latest mix I'm reviewing? Well, Drokz did share a tribute mix, made by Execrate, which was made 2 months ago, and it's a 2 hour long mix, with only the hardest records money can buy. It's a good ass mix, if you are into Terror music. And if you do fancy Drokz' music, you will love this 2 hour-long madness mix.

What do you get in those 2 hours? All Drokz made tracks. And there are 47 of them. Yes, you read that right: 47 of the finest Drokz tracks. But only the recent stuff, not the early early stuff. This is Drokz in the 21st century. Hard as tits, and fast as fuck. Really impressed with his direction, and his music always appeals to me. It speaks to me. Most of the records in this mix were made by Drokz himself, with a few noticeable exceptions: Deterrent Man, Akira, Mr Courage, The Vizitor, en Het Beest Van Neuk (who the fuck that might be). But the majority are Drokz made tracks, only made by him. And that's good.

Sit back, and enjoy this 2 hour of pure Terror music by one of the leading names in the Terror scene. The Godfather of Terror. And if you've never heard of him, and came across this review by accident, please be advised: listeners discretion is advised. Because this mix is hard, really HARD.

  1. Drokz & Mr Courage - Get On Your Knees And Pray

  2. Drokz - Sneakerhead

  3. Drokz - Keeping It Rough

  4. Drokz - Satanic Man Spread Terror

  5. Drokz - I Am Alive

  6. Drokz - World Bass Music

  7. Drokz - Brand New Kickz

  8. Drokz - Phone Da Industry

  9. Drokz & Het Beest Van Neuk - Het Gaat Om De Energie

  10. Drokz - Killing The Sound

  11. Drokz - Much Damage Much Terror

  12. Drokz & Akira - The Club Crushers

  13. Drokz - The Understream

  14. Drokz - Labelled As An Outcast

  15. Drokz - Going To Hell With God

  16. Drokz - This Is Dedication

  17. Drokz & Mr Courage - Funky Drumming

  18. Drokz - On To The Next One

  19. Drokz - Weekend

  20. Drokz - My Shit Is Dope

  21. Drokz - You Should Understand

  22. Drokz - Keeping It Rough

  23. Drokz & Mr Courage - Busy On A Tempo

  24. Drokz - Henkie Lives On

  25. Drokz - Faggot Old School Stylio

  26. Drokz - DJs Don't Dance

  27. Drokz - I Love Drokz

  28. Drokz - I'm Gonna Rock Ya

  29. Drokz & The Vizitor - Do You Hear Me

  30. Drokz - No Compromise

  31. Drokz - Rock 2017

  32. Drokz - Crisis

  33. Drokz - The Mind

  34. Drokz - Supervised Slashing

  35. Drokz - Edupaintion And Hisgory

  36. Drokz - Vicious (Scream All You Want)

  37. Drokz - Karma

  38. Drokz - Stamppot Met Gehaktbal

  39. Drokz - What Man Can Do

  40. Drokz & Deterrent Man - Beef With The Police

  41. Drokz - Riot For Music Videos

  42. Drokz - Only The Strong Survive

  43. Drokz - This Ain't No Disco

  44. Drokz - The Vietnam War

  45. Drokz - I Wanna Be A Terrorist

  46. Drokz - The Terrordome

  47. Drokz - Failure

Seriously, this mix is hard as tits. Motherfucking hard. This shows how much Drokz rules the Terror scene. My God, all of these are dancefloor smashers. Well, dancefloor? Mosh pit generating anthems. You cannot dance like a normal person, you have to dance like a monkey on acid. Pure and unadulterated acid. And throw in some xtc pills, and there you have it: your feet are moving to the beat, your fists are raised high in the sky, and your mouth is filled with words such as 'more', 'harder', and 'yeah'. That's how I picture myself on the dancefloor, the next time I see Drokz. My God, I do miss hearing this man perform. Can anyone book him to come to London, please? If he does weddings, can he come to mine?

Execrate's mix is a dope one. 2 hours of pure Drokz. And he's crammed in so many wicked anthems, such as 'Sneakerhead', 'Beef With The Police', 'Busy On A Tempo', 'This Is Dedication' and more. 47 awesome records by the leading figure in the Terror scene.

You might like or dislike his own views, but you cannot deny that Drokz knows what to play for his audience of Terrorheads from all over the world. And Execrate has done a magnificent job, making this exquisite tribute mix. It slowly builds up, and the end is just like an orgasm. You are certainly in need of tissues once this mix is over.

I've got only love and appreciation for Execrate, and admiration for Drokz. Especially after hearing 'Failure'. What a beast of a track! Drokz deserves so much more. No small stage anymore: a Drokz dedicated festival. And a statue in his hometown. And a public holiday for this living legend.

Really want to order merchandise from the man himself, but seeing as I live in London, and walking around with Terrorheads on a shirt, might not be such a good idea lol. But it's not how you represent the music, it's what it makes you feel. And this mix was exactly what I needed to hear today! Thanks Execrate for this awesome fan mix, and Drokz for being who he is!

DJ: Execrate

Genre/Style: Terror

Mix Info: Drokz Tribute Mix By Execrate

Length Mix: 02:02:59

Tracks: 47 (forty-seven)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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