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Drokz x Proactive HC 2020 Ironfist Megamix

The weekend is ahead of us, and we are only a handful of days ahead of Christmas. You might be thinking that the time of year should be festive, and most of us are in a festive mood. But some out there might not want to have something festive coming through their speakers: they might want something hard, rough and tough, Well, for those grinches I've got a brilliant mix for them to jump on: a mix by Drokz a.k.a. Opa Drokz x Proactive HC from last year. If you have missed it last year, here I am, reminding you of this mix, and how jolly this Christmas is going to be if you play this instead of the usual crap on the radio!

Now, Drokz is a well known name in the Hardcore/Terror scene, and he's seen as one of the originators of the harder sound. Also known as opa (which means grandad in Dutch). Proactive HC might be a tad less known, but if you are following Drokz, you might have seen the posts on social media about this new project which he's involved with: he started this project back in 2019 with a fellow Hardcore fanatic, and has given us memorable anthems since the birth of this project, and back in 2020 they decided to make this megamix.

Megamix you say? Yes, I did say megamix. Don't know where the name Ironfist came from, maybe from the Marvel universe? It is crammed with a lot of records in a short period of time, and the tracks are hard. You know that Drokz is an originator, and only plays the hardest stuff on God's given Earth, and this mix is no exception: be prepared to be blown away.

Most of you lot have already seen this mix and heard it, and have seen the tracklist, but if you one of those people who have missed it initially (like this bloody reviewer), here's the list:

  1. Proactive HC - Who The Fuck

  2. Proactive HC x Vandal!sm - Someone Make Some Noise

  3. Proactive HC - Smoking And Alcohol Drinking

  4. Proactive HC - Bad Reputation

  5. Proactive HC - The Definition Of Hard

  6. Drokz - Stealin' Yo Shit 005

  7. Drokz - Karma

  8. Drokz - We Get On Drugs

  9. Drokz - Laten We Dronken Worden

  10. Drokz & LTM - The Working Man Is The Tough Guy

  11. Drokz - Cocaine The Devils Brain

  12. Akira & MC Metal D - Trancetrutje (Drokz Remix)

  13. Drokz - Celebrate Life

  14. Creatures Of The Occult - You Are Infected

  15. Drokz - I Don't Need No Gimmicks

See, told you. It's a short ass mix, but they still crammed in 15 records. It's got everything you need to get you through this weekend. And we all need it: I'm guessing a lot of people will go Christmas shopping, and you need something tough to make your way through thousands of people in shops, just standing in your way. Put your headset on, put this mix on, and have the volume on max: there's no better way of enjoying this mix. The volume NEEDS to be on the max.

Proactive HC is a new project, but one with a lot of potential. I only knew of their existence because of their record 'The Definition Of Hard'. When I heard that record for the first time, I knew instantaneously that this Proactive HC was going to be something good, and something that would last a life time. And they've proven me right so far.

Obviously COVID has been a fucking nightmare, and if that didn't happen, we would be seeing more of them. But at least they've made a start, and we will surely see and hear more from them in the future.

A nice balanced but hard as nails mix. Nicely balanced between Drokz' own tracks and Proactive HC. But I've got to give Proactive HC all the credit for making 'The Definition Of Hard'. What a blinding record! That record is a true dancefloor smasher, and is one that will demolish speakers all over the world.

This mix is nearly at 10k plays on Soundcloud, surely we can crank it up, and give every Terrorhead across the world a brilliant Christmas???

DJ/Act: Drokz x Proactive HC

Genre/Style: Terror

Mix Info: Drokz x Proactive HC 2020 Ironfist Megamix

Length Mix: 00:21:54

Tracks: 15 (fifteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: Drokz - Soundcloud Channel

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