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DROKZ029 Stubborn, Militant & Dedicated (2023)

Before you get too excited, this is a taster review, so it's not the full album that you can hear. But you can get the latest Drokz album for free! Yes, you have read that right, for free! Not many things in life are for free. Sunshine? Well, yeah, but we can only appreciate it for a few millions years until it explodes. Rain? Yeah, got plenty of that. Dreams? Some are, some are nightmares. But that's all you get for free. This album is one of those free gifts, but you've got to do something, before you can actually get it though. He's going to make you work for it.

Drokz brings the heat again with his latest album. And the cover looks ominous. Scary, and he looks very annoyed, angry, but maybe he's just thinking ''what shall I have for dinner tonight?'', and he's just contemplating? Whatever he is doing, he's looking like he rules the world, and he does, in a way. He dominates our speakers, our eardrums, and sometimes our hearts. Drokz is everywhere, and he's the grandad of the scene.

His album contains 25 records, and they are for free. The only thing you need to do, is buy some of his merchandise, which you can buy through 100% Hardcore. Click on the link below this review, it will take you to their page, buy some of the nice merch, and if you are one of the first few, he might even sign stuff, and the album will be a freebie. Christmas has come early, eh?

The teaser only consists of a few records, but it gives you a glimpse on what you can expect on the album, and you might even have heard a few songs already, be it on other platforms?

So here's the full tracklist, but I've marked the records that are on Soundcloud at the moment, on the playlist.

  1. Drokz - Our Connection, The Intro **

  2. Drokz - Chaos

  3. Drokz - I'm Hardcore, This Is What I'm Living For

  4. Poley Tight - Shoot These Pranksters (Drokz Remix)

  5. Drokz - Stay Dirty **

  6. Drokz - Murderfest

  7. Hellfish & Drokz Here To Destroy

  8. Drokz - I Need A Gabber Bass

  9. Drokz - I Do What I Want **

  10. Drokz - We Hate You With A Passion **

  11. Drokz - What Is Going On **

  12. Drokz - Interlude ''Gezellig'' **

  13. Drokz - Wake You Up

  14. Creatures Of The Occult - No Rights At All

  15. Chaotic Hostility & Drokz - Keep Going

  16. Creatures Of The Occult - This Is The House Of The Devil

  17. Drokz - Accurate

  18. Drokz - I Better Be Real Nice For You

  19. Drokz - Sun Tzu Says Make Them Move

  20. Drokz - The Industry Is Fake

  21. Akira, Tripped & Drokz - Terrormusic

  22. Drokz - Let Grandpa Be Your Escape

  23. Creatures Of The Occult - Start The War

  24. Drokz - We Are The Terrorheads

  25. Tails & Noizer - Early Rave Mix by Drokz

** = tracks on teaser playlist

Again, this is only a teaser playlist, but it still gets me going. I've been listening to these 5 records in a row, and it is creating a lot of happy memories.

It is hard though. Not the softest approach, but Drokz never compromises. He always delivers, and is Hardcore through and through. You don't like his way? Hop on the highway, and get the fuck out! Drokz is always outspoken, and sometimes it is interesting to hear his views. And sometimes the songs reflect how he is/was feeling.

Is 'What Is Going On' a diss track, focussed on GPF? Or am I imagining it?

Drokz always makes the ravers rave harder and faster, and is always a nice welcome at any event, as he brings in experience, the music, and the madness. And with this album he brings it again, but this time you can sit at home, drive in your car, or even be at work, and enjoy his music.

I haven't ordered anything yet, but I certainly will. The album looks interesting.

The intro is dope as fuck. Not sure about the interlude lol. But the general gist is: just shut up and enjoy what Opa Drokz has to offer. Still going strong, never letting us down!

Keep up the good work, Drokz! More of this please!

Artist: Drokz

Genre/Style: Terror, Hardcore

Album Info: DROKZ029 Stubborn, Militant & Dedicated

Album Length: unknown

Tracks: 25 (twenty-five)

Release Year: 2023

Label: own label

Product Number: DROKZ029

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