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Ectomorph - 2005 Classic UK Hardcore (2020)

I woke up this morning, and craved some early Millennium UK Hardcore tracks. Especially tracks from around 2005. And can you believe it, I already saved a few mixes last week, for me to check out at a later stage? That came in handy, didn't it? And you all appreciate a bit of the old, am I right? Especially when it's tracks that are slightly underappreciated. But yeah, 2005 was a glorious year for UK Hardcore, and the DJ behind this mix (Ectomorph) made this mix as interesting as possible, as it's nearly 2 1/2 hours long, and containing 41 records.

And I love myself a mix with a lot of records. And I love UK Hardcore from around that time period. I only knew of its existence a few years before, as it's never been big in NL, so I had a lot of catching up to do. But once I do fell in love, I fell in love HARD. It became the main source for me, and I listened to it on a daily basis. Purchased many CDs (which had to be shipped from the UK to NL, thanks to Satisfaction record store in Heerlen), and played all the albums over and over. I absorbed the style like a blooming sponge.

So many great tunes were released during the early years of the noughties. You might think the same, or disagree with me, which is fine. If you love the earlier stuff (released in the 90s), that's cool too. I still need to listen to more stuff from that era, as it's been mostly forgotten by myself. I love to stick around the time period I discovered and already adore.

What has he got in store for us, mister Ectomorph? Well, it's obviously going to the UK Hardcore anthems from 2005 (there about). But you want to know which ones, right?

  1. Gammer - A New Feeling

  2. Gammer, In Effect & Andy L - We Come Alive

  3. Dougal & Gammer - Crackwhore

  4. Dee Dee - Forever (Stu Allan Remix)

  5. Stormtrooper - Addicts

  6. Storm & Euphony - Pure Perfection

  7. Storm & Euphony - First Kontakt

  8. Hixxy & Styles - Rushins

  9. Stormtrooper & Dair - Do It Like That

  10. Gammer & G Spencer - Substance

  11. Hixxy & Menis - Can U Feel It? (Uplift Remix)

  12. Dougal & Gammer - I Beefed Her

  13. DJ Ham & Robbie Long - Let's Begin

  14. CLSM & Lisa Abbott - Timebomb

  15. Ultravibes - Accorabation

  16. Dougal & Gammer - Xtreme

  17. Frisky & Hujib - Believe (Breeze & Styles Mix)

  18. Joey Riot - Breakdown

  19. Cortina - Music Is Moving (Gammer's Hardcore Remix)

  20. Expression & GBH - Night Time (Sy & Unknown Remix)

  21. Eclipse - Be Happy

  22. Gammer & G Spencer - Dubcore

  23. Joey Riot - Hardcore 2 Da Bone

  24. CLSM vs Cube::Hard - See You On The Other Side (Hard Mix)

  25. Alek Szahala - Lumi (Kevin Energy Remix)

  26. Euphoria - Forbidden Fruit

  27. Euphoria - Dreamskies

  28. Dougal & Gammer - Testing 1-2

  29. Element - Reach Out (Hixxy Remix)

  30. Deejay Bee & In Effect - Fresh Cuts Last

  31. G-Spencer & Gammer - Steam

  32. Robbie Long & Stormtrooper - Dopest DJ

  33. CLSM - Heey

  34. Kevin Energy & The TING - Power In The Light

  35. Plus System - Rock Tha Beat

  36. Euphoria - Silver Dawn

  37. Praga Kahn - Injected With A Poison (Hixxy Remix)

  38. Vinylgroover & The Red Hed - Everlasting (Flyin' & Storm Remix)

  39. Ham - Jump 2 Da Groove

  40. Marc Smith & Menis - Thick & Fast

  41. JX - Restless (Sparky & Sytronik Remix)

Wow! So many forgotten/underrated gems! And they aren't just your bog standard records, they are fucking mint records by well established names! It's a glorious mix with awesome records, and we've got Ectomorph to say 'thank you' to. A good selection, with big UK Hardcore anthems, and some might be a bit more known, but the majority are underrated, for no apparent reason.

It is cool to hear these songs again. Most of them are on those compilations I purchased back in the day, and some are on discs I cannot play anymore, because the scratches ruined everything. So the only use for these CDs was for them to be coasters. Couldn't play them at all anymore. The scratches were just too severe. But it brings back a smile on my face.

It contains a lot of excellent tunes by excellent producers. Ectomorph's selection is great, and a great reminder of what 2005 had in store for the raving community. Was it the best year in the noughties? What's your opinion of it? Do you prefer this year, or other years? Or are you really not freaking bothered: as long as it's UK Hardcore, it doesn't matter.

Great mix! Got nothing else to add! Now I'm going to scour the internet for more mixes like this one. Could even be more on Ectomorph's Soundcloud page, who knows?

Best record? 'Testing 1-2' by Dougal & Gammer. Never heard it before, but was pleasantly surprised by how good it sounds!

DJ: Ectomorph

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Freeform, Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: Ectomorph - 2005 Classic UK Hardcore

Length Mix: 02:24:56

Tracks: 41 (fourty-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2020

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