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Enzyme & Malice (aka Portal) Pure Hardcore Breaks Vol.1 Mix 2006

Let me be perfectly clear, I do love literally everything dance related. My broad interest spectrum is immense. And when you do come across a set which includes music you haven't heard in a while, it might makes you kind of exciting. Today is the day I rediscovered Hardcore Breaks. Does anyone remember Hardcore Breaks? I remember it being huge, and then it just disappeared? Does anyone know the story behind the rise and 'fall' of Hardcore Breaks? I remember Slipmatt and Bunter pushing it forward, but then nothing. Weird. How come I do not hear more of this?

Anyway, the mix I came across on Soundcloud was all by accident. I was actually searching for Enzyme X, the Industrial Hardcore group, and I found this mix instead. Obvious the connection between the two is the name of the DJ in this mix: Enzyme. And of course Malice. Who also has a DJ that shares the same name: Malice. And this DJ makes Rawstyle. So all these names might come flying towards you, but truth be told, I know nothing about these two DJs. What I do know is that they made this Hardcore Breaks mix back in 2006.

I think that we should show you the tracklist. Again, it does ring a bell, all this Hardcore Breaks, but besides that I know nothing much. I need to be educated again. More Hardcore Breaks for me.

01. Enzyme & Malice - Dance The Night Away

02. Nervous & Anxious - Dope Rider

03. Amnexiac - Dawn Of Rockets

04. Luna-C - Piano Progression (Malice Remix)

05. Running Man - Taking Me Higher

06. Junnki Munki - Extreme

07. Enzyme & Malice - Colonies

08. Austin - Crazy Club

09. Nervous & Anxious - Love Is In The Air

10. Malice - On & On

11. Portal - Deeper Underground

12. Xperience - Gonna Be Alright

13. Enzyme & Malice - In The Groove

14. Darkus - Jah Know

15. Enzyme - Bass Driver

Does anyone know if these guys still 'exist'? I don't mean that they should be dead, but what I mean is, do they still make music? On Discogs the information goes a bit dead, and even their own website looks soooo old. Don't know when that was last updated. I do get early Myspace vibes though, and that's cool.

Anyway, the mix. Yes, Hardcore Breaks. That's cool music. Well, what else is there to say? I do love this sound, and can appreciate what Enzyme and Malice have brought to the table. The mix is very, very tight, and I do love to hear their own approach to this sadly underrated sound.

I've got only love for this mix. No negative feedback. I think this is one of those mixes you just need to check out. Download this also for free.

DJs: Enzyme & Malice

Genre/Style: Hardcore Breaks

Mix Info: Pure Hardcore Break Vol. 1 2006

Length Mix: 00:50:35

Tracks: 15 (fifteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 81.0 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 224kbps

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