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Enzyme X @ Ground Zero Festival 2007

This week my focus has been on Enzyme X. I do not know why, but I got this craving on Tuesday for some Enzyme X. You know, the Virus CD compilation. I didn't have the album on me, so I had to make due with whatever was online. And quickly I found a few Enzyme X things, and I'm guessing you will enjoy them too. Unless Industrial Hardcore ain't your thing, which makes me wonder: why are you here?

The set you are about to listen to, was recorded at Ground Zero Festival back in 2007. Sadly I could not find a decent image of the flyer. So I had to make do with whatever Google had to offer. Anyway, as we all know, Enzyme X is a collective, and consists of multiple artists. It's not just one person or one group, a multi cultured and distinctive group, with a passion for Industrial Hardcore. And at that year's Ground Zero, it was Hamunaptra and Ruffneck who were playing the finest music for you. But yeah, that's not a hidden secret: the MC shouts it within the first 20 seconds lol.

Anyway, the set. It's only 36 minutes long, but with 11 records, you know you are going to be amazed by both of these DJs. Darkness, here I come!

01. The Outside Agency & Mindustries - The Immobilizer

02. Enzyme X - Seconds From Disaster

03. Ophidian as Raziel - To Destroy What Is Broken

04. Ophidian - Lynched

05. Ophidian - Insects

06. Hamunaptra - Limytz

07. Knightvision - Apocalypse

08. Enzyme X - Dissonant Poetry

09. Enzyme X - Prankster

10. Nosferatu & Ophidian - Psychiatric Ass

11. Ruffneck & Ophidian - All The Way Down

If you are looking for some mellowed out Hardcore, please look anywhere else. Not here. This 36 minute long set is rough as fuck. Of course. Didn't you expect anything else from Hamunaptra and Ruffneck?

I haven't got all the Enzyme records, wish I did. But what I'm trying to say is that I keep finding/hearing new records every so often. And even in this set there are a few new ones. But they still keep the Enzyme sound alive and kicking. Can't believe these records are 13+ years old. They still sound so fresh, like they were made yesterday.

The set is flawless. And it would be difficult under normal circumstances, but this set contains the best record coming out of the Industrial Hardcore scene: The Immobilizer'. What an absolute beast of a track! Even after so many years it has the power to demolish my braincells in a jiffy.

A wonderful set. Credit to Enzyme X. Really enjoyed this trip down memory lane. I am certainly not the only one who appreciates this kind of music...

Act: Enzyme X (a.k.a Ruffneck & Hamunaptra)

Genre/Style: Industrial Hardcore

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Ground Zero Festival 2007

Length Liveset: 00:36:02

Tracks: 11 (eleven)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Ground Zero Festival - Official Website

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