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Freeform Sessions Vol.2: Stamina Records Special (Mixed By Absolut Chaos) (2021)

It is Friday, and the weekend is just about to start. About a year ago that would mean that people would shake off the week's stress and other burdens that they had to face, and they would get ready to party. That was early 2020. It is 2021 right now, as we all know, and we are stuck at home. Stuck at home, glued to our screens. And we certainly can't wait to go out and absorb the atmosphere at a rave again. But until then, whenever that might be, we have to do with whatever is presented to us on social media. Thankfully I found a mix you will all enjoy!

You can clearly see the colour pattern in the image above, and if you are a Freeform fanatic, you know immediately that it's a Stamina Records mix. Or it's something that is related to Stamina Records. The Yin Yang sign does come through the screen at you, so you know you are going to be in for something very special, and yes, this mix is special.

It's a freaking fan mix. And the label is obviously Stamina Records. That, in itself, is already awesome. But what makes it even better, is the fact that it is filled with tracks I've not heard before. Obviously not all of these are unknown to me, but a handful are. And the DJ behind this? Absolut Chaos! Don't know much about him, but let's talk about the music. That's why you are here, right?

The music was released on Stamina Records, Freeform's finest label, run by A.B, who has a knack on spotting talent, and releasing fantastic music. So you won't be surprised that the tracklist will look good, right? Well, as mentioned before, I know most records. Please forgive me, COVID has had an effect on me too. I've not had the time to watch livestreams and follow everything constantly. Work work work, it never stops. But now it does. I'm putting my foot down.

So, here's the tracklist. Kindly provided on Youtube, so here we go:

  1. A.B vs K-Wire - Ignition

  2. Mooney & Ollie-S - Turn It Up

  3. Substanced - Juggernaut

  4. A.B vs Synthwulf - Genre This (Ales Remix)

  5. The Rookie - Rezerekrion

  6. The Rookie - Oblivion

  7. A.B vs Dani Delirio - Arkwsus

  8. Tamerax - Rise

  9. A.B vs K-Wire - Twisted (Kounta Kulture Remix)

  10. Lost Faith & Spectrum - Orbital Descent

  11. Digital Commandos - War Of The Machines

  12. jD-KiD & Arun presents Stardust - Gaia

  13. S3RL & Synthwulf - Everybody Wants To Be A DJ

  14. A.B & Bungal - Let Go

  15. CLSM - Gravity Wave

  16. Lost Soul - Crazy Light

  17. A.B - This/Carburettor (Joey Riot Mashup)

  18. Kounta Kulture - Falling Skies

  19. Rikkie Arkitech & Cyrax - Destroyer Of Worlds

  20. A.B - Escapia

  21. Transcend & Douglas - Massenya (A.B's Hardcore Remix)

The tracklist looks good, but how about the music? Well, we can be honest to each other, and say that we don't expect any of these records to be crap, right? It's Stamina Records, for God's sake. You know you will get the best of the best, some proper belters have been released on this label.

I can only give credit to Absolut Chaos for making this mix. It does contain however one of the most 'meh' records. Not a fan of S3RL, and I've tried to like his music. Sorry S3RL, not a fan. But let's talk about what's good about this mix? Well, all the other 20 records.

And do you want to hear something funny? The one record I truly love and adore the most, isn't even a Freeform record! Well, the original is, but not this remix. It's obviously 'Massenya', remixed by A.B. He gave it the Hardcore treatment, and it has worked wonders. I really really really love this record. It's the best of the 21 records in this mix. Fight me if you think I'm wrong.

A good mix. Really enjoyed it. And I'm guessing it's my first Freeform mix of 2021, so that's always a bonus. Go hop onto Youtube and enjoy!

DJ: Absolut Chaos

Genre/Style: Freeform, Gabber

Mix Info: Freeform Sessions Vol.2 : Stamina Records Special

Length Mix: 01:23:51

Tracks: 21 (twenty-one)

Download/Listen (via Youtube): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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