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GPF | Boiler Room Festival Amsterdam: Gutterring (2022)

The Boiler Room. A concept that has taken over the world, and has given everyone the opportunity to show off their skills, be it a known or unknown artist. I've watched a few of these sets online over the years, but you can imagine my happiness when I saw that GPF actually performed at this event last year, and on the 8th of February this year it was premiered on YouTube. I've watched it a few times now, and I still do not understand it, but what it does, is make me laugh out loud a lot. For them to be asked to play at this event must have been a big honour. But it's weird, right?

For those who have been, did it take place last year in February of November? Got some conflicting images, contradicting the date when it actually took place. Whenever it took place, it must have been an experience to those who were there. The place looked rammed, and the people all have their hands in the air. GPF have gained a huge following in the last few years, and also a few haters, but whatever your views are on GPF, you must agree that they do this very well. They know how to do marketing well. GPF has become a well established name in the scene, and they bring the three letter word to a wider audience, at such a pace no one was expecting.

The music is just silly. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever. I did witness GPF once, and it was, yeah, weird. They are lovely people, but so damn weird. They don't follow what is acceptable, they just do whatever they please. Bananas on the stage? Check. Inflatable dicks? Sure, why not? Weird masks? Of course, couldn't do a set without. Ducks? Who can live without a duck! And the list goes on and on. But most of all, their music is what might be appealing to you, or grind your gears.

It might be your thing, it might be too damn weird, or just not your cup of tea. Those piep kicks might not be your thing. You might even detest them. Which is cool too. Are they going to be known as the best artist/duo/group to have ever emerge in the harder style scene? Well, no. But will they be known for bringing fun onto the dancefloor? Yes, sure.

As much as I love to stomp my feet hard onto the ground and raise my fists way up in the air, I would like to smile every so often, and just have a giggle. Not for 8 hours in a row though, that would drive me mad. But for a set here and there, that's cool. Smile more, that's what I like!

Here's the tracklist, if you are interested:

  1. GPF - We Will Fark You

  2. GPF & Gladde Paling - Piep En Bas

  3. GPF & S3RL - Cum Say Henlo

  4. GPF & J1zzy - Cummin On Ur Face (Cummy Edit)

  5. GPF - Farcuador

  6. GPF - All I Ever Fucked

  7. Da Tweekaz - Moana (GPF & Caine's 200BPM Donk Fuck Duck Piep Kick Remix)

  8. Da Tweekaz - Frozen Disney Tool (GPF & Caine Remix)

  9. Jebroer - Gaan Met Die Banaan (GPF & Mizz Behave's Laser Piep Kick Edit of Riot Shift's Vegang Edit)

  10. GPF & D-Fence - Virgin

  11. Da Tweekaz - Circle Of Life (GPF's Circle Of Fucks Remix)

  12. GPF & J1zzy - Who's Ur Daddy (Piep Daddy Remix)

  13. GPF - Greazy Frog

  14. GPF - Feeling Blue

  15. GPF & Offensief - ID

  16. Sickmode & Rooler - TOO COLD (GPF'S TOO FUCK REMIX)

  17. GPF - Piep To It

  18. GPF & Riot Shift - Broccoli Fuck (Kimmercore's Rimmercore Remix)

  19. GPF & Mind Compressor - Spaghetti Love (Mizz Behave Remix) (Spaghettamine Edit)

  20. GPF - Feel Like A Fuck

  21. GPF - Dragostea Din Fuck

I don't know what to say. It is still so weird to say that GPF performed at Boiler Room. Not only is that statement weird, but the music is weird.

But one thing really shook me to the core: GPF and Gladde Paling made a track together!? And it's actually a cool record. Maybe they should work more with Gladde Paling, eh? It was a cool way of starting the set (after the initial intro), but then the BPMs took over and started demolishing speakers and brain cells.

In this set you will hear the evolution of GPF. You find a mixture of their early work and their current work, and you can see the change happening. Have you noticed it too? They have evolved massively.

The set was so freaking weird, the music is weird, GPF is weird. But in a way I cannot stop listening to them. I just can't. And those at the Boiler Room experienced the same: you can leave the room, but you just don't want to. GPF has got your attention, and it won't let you go. It's the unexpected that you are waiting for.

The only thing I would like to say, is... leave the microphone alone! Just put it down mate.

Besides that, as weird and quirky as this way, it was 55 minutes of me laughing. Especially when I heard 'Piep En Bas'. More of this Drum and Bass stuff please! Drum & Piep Kicks work well.

Act: GPF

Genre/Style: Piepcore, Puzzycore

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Boiler Room Festival Amsterdam: Guttering

Length Liveset: 00:55:12

Tracks: 21 (twenty-one)

Download/Listen (via YouTube): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2023

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