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Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz (GPF) - LEAKED SEX TAPE VOL. 3!!! (2018)

The legendary mixtape series from GPF is back! They have returned with a brand spanking new mix series, and the cover image is as sexy as ever. But it's all about the music, and a little bit about sex. But whatever you are doing, never forget the Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz. I started introducting them into my family, and they think I'm completely insane. The only one who kind of appreciates them, is my missus. Doesn't really make sense.

You know what else doesn't make sense? GPF. You can explain it to me as much as you like, but still I'm baffled. Is it Hardcore? Is it Terror? Is it Hardstyle? I remember hearing them for the first time, and it made me laugh. Didn't understand it, but it was extremely catchy. What was catchy became addictive (like sex, or chocolate). I've grown into their top fan (yes, I am), and whatever they post is amazing. Their approach to the harder styles is just so unique, and refreshing. It borders to complete insanity, but aren't we all a tad insane? Don't we need something that will never make sense?

Their main focus is sex. Sex is great. Unless you are anti-sex. Or asexual. But if you think sex is great, and you like the harder sounds, look no further. Their latest mixtape will make you moist again. And if you look at the amount of plays within only a handful days, it's ridiculous. It's only been online for 25 days and it nearly reaches 50k plays! That's impressive for a weird ass mix. It gives me a boner.

Anyway, a tracklist. I found it on LSDB. Can't be arsed to go on the hunt myself. Hence why it took me 24 days to write this review. And also the fact that I kept on wanking the second I heard the intro voice. 'that's puzzy's greazy'. Don't know who does their vocals, but he must come out of the adult industry.

01. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - Lovin' Ain't Greazy

02. Caine & Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - Kendal Fuck 6.69

03. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - Greazy Fuckdrum (N-Vitral Fuckup)

04. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz & MC Jeff - Cummin On UR Face

05. N-Vitral presents BOMBSQUAD feat Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - Greazy Counter

06. Killshot - Beastmode (Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz Remix)

07. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - Kicks Out For Matty (RIPMATTY)

08. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz & Riot Shift - Brocolli Love

09. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz & Blaster - Puzzy Blazter

10. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - Fuck Me Harder Daddy

11. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz & Caine - Fuck Buddy

12. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz & Mind Compressor - Spaghetti Love

13. Rooler - Domination (GPF's 310BPM RIPMATTY Remix)

Before we go on and on about the moist levels in my pants, let's talk about something serious here. Matty is gone. A valuable member of GPF, he decided to leave. He's missed ever since, as you can see. Two records are dedicated to Matty. It's a shame really. Maybe the fans can start an online campaign, for him to return?

Anyway, let's talk sex again. This mix has got a lot of their previous released stuff in it, and a few new records. Including a fucking hilarious record 'Brocolli Love'. How in God's name can you mispronounce brocolli? Anyway, this mix has got indeed funny records, and updated versions of their already classic records. Might I suggest to you all their latest album?

A special edition of their 'Lovin' Ain't Greazy', in GOLD. Including a dildo keychain. Now that's something unusual. You can fuck yourself when you are getting fucked by GPF once you press play. You might want to lube up. Don't want your arse to look like an exploded hedgehog.

Anyway. I'm talking too much. Let's talk music. The best record? Oh, that's difficult. I like them all. But 'Spaghetti Love' still remains a favorite of mine.

The only thing I wondered is why they put 'Greazy Counter' in the middle, and not at the end? That would be a proper ending. But I can't hakkuh at 9000 BPM halfway through, and continue after. That's too much, man.

Yet another amazing mix. Can't explain how cool this is. It's unusual, quirky, and fucking adorable. It's like a pitbull puppy. They are cute, and when they bite, your arm comes off. That's GPF for you. You think they are kind, but they make you bleed. Tremendously.

Get their latest fucking album. GET IT. You wanker.

Artist: Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz

Genre/Style: Puzzycore (no other style can compare)

Mix Info: Leaked Sex Tape Vol. 3

Length Mix: 00:31:39

Tracks: 13 (thirteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: GPF - Lovin' Ain't Greazy

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