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Halcyon Daze - Old Skool 90-91 Mix (2020)

A cat with glasses on. Now I've seen everything. Literally everything. The internet has shown me everything. Can't believe I woke up this morning, not knowing I was going to see that. My life is complete. All jokes aside, you might be wondering what in God's given name I'm about to share with you all. Maybe a mix filled with cat noises, cats on drugs, something with cats? Well, no. But cats are involved though: this mix is only for the cool cats out there. Those that love Rave music from the 90s.

I'm not familiar with the DJ behind this mix. Glide? Not heard or seen his/her name before. Someone reposted this mix on Soundcloud, and this reposting business led up to me finding it, and listening to it. Back in 1990-1991 I was still only 7-8 years old (or young), and was mostly into shite Top 40 hits. Didn't really discover the 'darker' side of music a few months later. My introduction started back in 1992, so I've missed out on a lot of excellent underground anthems.

The mix is only 50 minutes long, but contains some forgotten classics. Only a handful of anthems are known, so it's going to be an interesting mix to listen to. It's going to be nice, hearing those generation specific sounds again. The early 90s had such a specific and unique sound, so recognisable.

01. KLF - It's Grim Up North (For The Love Of Money Mix)

02. Beltram - Energy Flash

03. Never Mind - White Form (Modulation Dub)

04. All In One - Mama's Kick

05. AZT - Choice Of A New Generation

06. Unknown - Music Freak

07. Temple Of Life - E.D.P.

08. Shut Up And Dance - The Green Man (Rum & Black Mix)

09. New Era - New Era

10. Is This - Intense

11. Out-Phaze - Re-Activate (Deep Bass Mix)

12. Hi Ryze - Feel The Rhythm

13. Outrage - It Don't Make A Difference

14. Shamen - Possible Worlds (Stick)

15. 808 State - Olympic (Euro Bass Mix)

16. Mundo Muzique - Cluster Of Movement

Truth be told, this mix was a nice welcome. I wasn't expecting anything, seeing as I'm not aware of this DJ, but he/she really surprised me with this Old Skool mix. And it has shown me that the early 90s music is still ace. It doesn't matter if the tunes are 29-30 years old, they still sound fresh.

A bit of everything is in this mix. And I'm loving the vibes. Generally surprised on how cool each anthem sounds. They've stood the test of time. And in 2020, when lockdown is currently still happening, it's a nice welcome, to hear a mix so cool: this will certainly be played over and over again. It's Easter Sunday, time to relax. So why not go back in time, go back 30 years, to the golden years of Rave music?

Never heard of Glide before, but I'm pleased to say that this mix has been really good. A good introduction into Glide's capabilities, and also the wonderful years 90-91. I need to hear more and more of this.

It's also a free download, so why not get this mix right now? Take a trip down memory lane. Like you've got anything else to do, besides stuffing your face with chocolate?

DJ: Glide

Genre/Style: Old Skool, Rave, Techno, Hardcore

Mix Info: Halcyon Daze - Old Skool 90-91 Mix

Length Mix: 00:50:09

Tracks: 16 (sixteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Type: mp3

File Size: 134.2 MB

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz

More Information: Glide - Soundcloud Page

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