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Happy Hardcore Classics 24 (2013)

It's Friday, let's end the week with a banger. And it's a mix that was uploaded onto Soundcloud 10 years ago, but I've only recently discovered it. It's on my favourite Soundcloud channel, the History Of Happy Hardcore, and it was their 24th instalment of the Classics mix series. They've released many since, and their channel has grown in popularity a lot. 18.6k followers, 665 tracks on their channel. They've been very busy, keeping the Happy Hardcore alive, and it's for a good reason: because Happy Hardcore is awesome.

The mix is focussed on Happy Hardcore anthems, and it's packed with a few beautiful gems, ones that will make you scream for more, stomp your feet hard, and raise your hands in the air higher than ever before. It's got those memorable anthems, but also a few I've not heard before. I would call myself a connoisseur, but I'm not as good as the man behind the channel, as he lives and breathes Happy Hardcore. But I'm close second to him, which is cool.

It starts off strong with a song by my favourite duo, Charly and Theo, and then the songs just keep on coming. For an hour and a half they've got you by the balls, and they won't let you go. You are going to listen to this mix, no matter if you don't want to, you just have to. It's Happy Hardcore for God sake. How can you let this one go by? Well, truth be told, I've not seen this mix for 10 years, but at least I'm not too late to the party, eh?

Bring back Happy Hardcore. That's all I'm saying. I miss it, A LOT!

  1. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Fantasy World

  2. Paul Elstak - Don't Leave Me Alone (Hardcore Version)

  3. Paul Elstak - Rainbow In The Sky (DJ Paul's Forze Mix)

  4. Scott Brown - Detonated

  5. Technosis - Genorate (Scott Brown Mix)

  6. Bass Reaction - Technophobia (Power Mix)

  7. Scott Brown vs Rab S - Rock The Party

  8. Sub-Source - The Hardcore Anthem

  9. The Scotchman - Happy Vibes

  10. Brothers In Crime - How Deep Is Your Love? (Dwarf Remix)

  11. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Stars (Hardcore Mix)

  12. Dune - Hand In Hand

  13. DJ Menace & U.S.D. - Hardcore Vibes

  14. Tokyo Ghetto Pussy - I Kiss Your Lips

  15. DJ Demand - Heaven (Trance Mix)

  16. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Hardcore Feelings (Club Mix)

  17. Alchemist feat Lisa - I Can See Clearly Now

  18. DJ Demand - There Can Be Only One

  19. DJ Demand - Hysteria

  20. DJ Demand - Dark & Light

  21. Scott Brown - Systematic

  22. El Bruto - Watch Me Dance

  23. DJ Druid - Fun At The Fair

  24. Sandman - Can Can Chaos

  25. Ultra-Sonic - We Want One More (Live In Australia Full Version)

This is a solid looking tracklist, with some hard hitting anthems. And I love the blend between European and British Happy Hardcore. We shared a common thing here: love for the happier sound, and it seem to have worked well. Good selection of records, it has to be said.

It is happy vibes throughout this set, and they have done an amazing job with this mix. So many awesome records, so many smiles for miles. There's the odd track here and there that is too cheesy for me (like 'Hand In Hand' and 'Can Can Chaos'), but the majority of records do get me up and dancing away in my office.

The track that gets me hyped up the most, is probably the track that is the most underrated Happy Hardcore anthem of all time. 'Watch Me Dance' by El Bruto. I did read somewhere that DJ Brisk really liked the original, and made a remix, but that got slated for not being the greatest remix of this all-time classic. The more you know...

Yeah, that El Bruto song is the best in this mix, even though I was a massive Charly & Theo fan, I do prefer 'Watch Me Dance' above any of the other songs. It's just a banger.

I was also a fan of Dune, but 'Hand In Hand' is just utter crap.

A slamming mix with some great throwback records. If this doesn't spark your nostalgia inside of you, nothing will. Bring back the 90s, and bring them back right NOW! They don't make records like they used to. Boy, I miss the sound.

DJ: History Of Happy Hardcore

Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore, Hardcore Techno

Mix Info: Happy Hardcore Classics 24

Length Mix: 01:30:13

Tracks: 25 (twenty-five)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 206 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2013


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