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Happy Hardcore | Strictly 1996 | Mix 241

Happy Monday everyone. Another week in paradise. Another hot day lies ahead, and especially a hot night. We are going to be stuck inside the house for yet another month. So, let's celebrate this by listening to some Happy Hardcore, eh. We might need some music to cheer us up. Nothing much is happening. So let's enjoy this brand spanking new mix by Raving Madness. The 241st instalment of his successful Hardcore mix series. I've reviewed a few mixes of him in the past, and the latest just grabbed my attention, after seeing the huge smiley face with blood.

It's always a short 30 minute mix, with the finest Hardcore music. And today is 30 minutes of pure 1996 Happy Hardcore music. If you feel you need to hear more of 1996 and surrounding years, check out his Soundcloud page: he's got 240 other mixes you might appreciate. Can't believe these tunes are already 25 years old!

Obviously everyone has got a different perception on what to call Happy Hardcore, but to me, what Raving Madness has used for this mix, is just right. This is what I call Happy Hardcore, this is the sound I grew up with. Cheesy from the start to the end. But in a strange way I do like it, and it makes me extremely happy. But I have to say that he's got a few really cheesy tracks for his 241st mix. You'll know what I mean once you have a butcher at the tracklist.

So these are the 10 records he used for today's mix. Enjoy, and go back 25 years in time!

  1. Blue Zone - Too Beautiful (Happy Radio Edit)

  2. Bertocucci Feranzano & Tony Salmonelli - Higher Love

  3. The Fuck-Ups - Party Time

  4. Infernus - 7 Ways

  5. Solid Base & Devious Minds - All U Deejays

  6. Obliterator - Ruff To The Max (El Bruto Remix)

  7. Sandman - Can Can (Bounce Mix)

  8. English Muffin - Dum Dum

  9. Tails, Noizer & General Noise - Kickin' Bass

  10. Back 2 Bass - The beating Of My Heart (East Terminal String Mix)

Wow. To start the mix with such an underrated anthem, is really something. Was it on Happy Hardcore 7 or 8? I do remember seeing it on one of those legendary albums. I have devoured these massively during the 90s. And I do miss this sound a lot. Oh God, I thought this mix would make me happier, but it has also made me nostalgic. I miss the 90s. 25 years ago these anthems were released, can you Adam and Eve it?

Raving Madness' selection is really something else. Happy to the core. And I've forgotten a few of them. This mix has enlightened my enthusiasm for the happier sound a lot, and I will certainly start listening to the older CDs again. Come on, as many of you haters out there, the music was extremely dope. Not cool to acknowledge in the 90s that you loved Happy Hardcore, but it was part of our history, our culture. And I have embraced it since day one. And even 25 * 365 days later I can still say with pride that I'm a Happy Hardcore lover. Fuck it.

So many unappreciated songs. Bertocucci Feranzano & Tony Salmonelli (a.k.a. DJ Buzz Fuzz)'s Higher Love is such a memorable tune. Hands in the air, and glowsticks everywhere. Those were the days. Buzz Fuzz ruled during the 90s, he was on top of everything. And the happier stuff he made was so damn dope. If you don't know, look up 'Daddy Snow'. Another wicked anthem.

A fantastic mix. Thanks Raving Madness for yet another 30 minutes of nostalgia. Now I will listen to all the other mixes he has uploaded. I just have to. My craving for Happy Hardcore is seriously immense.

DJ: Raving Madness

Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: Happy Hardcore | Strictly 1996 | Mix 241

Length Mix: 00:29:23

Tracks: 10 (ten)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2021

Audio: stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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