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Hardcore Breakbeat 01 (2021)

It is Wednesday and I am feeling fine. Hopefully you are feeling fine too, and are excited for the next mix I'm about to share with you all. I know the last couple of weeks my focus has been on European Hardcore/Gabber, but today I'm reviewing a Breakbeat Hardcore mix by Floyd The Barber, Thanks to our Greek friend GL0WKiD for sharing this, otherwise I might have missed this completely. Leave it to GL0WKiD to share excellent music with all of us. But the focus is on the barber, and the barber in question is Floyd.

Floyd The Barber. What a name. But the name does not reveal what he does. He's a barber who also DJs, and his mix, which is called 'Hardcore Breakbeat 01', is full of Breakbeat Hardcore anthems. All brand spanking new tunes. I am not a full on Breakbeat fanatic like Floyd or GL0WKiD, but whenever I do find a mix suitable for me, I do fully emerge myself into it. And the easy thing is, that Breakbeat Hardcore does fully take over your mind in an instance. You won't even recognise yourself being a completely different person: you are just dancing like monkeys on acid!

Obviously I normally go on fully bonkers at this stage, talking about bollocks. But I shouldn't.The only thing I should mention is the fact that I do not listen to Breakbeat Hardcore that often, and I do kick myself for not listening to it more often. This is one of those mixes which should inspire me to indulge myself more into Breakbeat Hardcore, and hopefully I will be able to find more and more mixes. Such an underrated yet exciting style!

So, the tracklist. You will love this. Here it is:

  1. MotivBreaks - Free Your Soul (Me, Myself & I Remix)

  2. Luis Pitti - Liquid Dreams

  3. Culture Trax - Steps

  4. Crashead - Fanatikal

  5. Stu Keating - You're Hardcore

  6. Crashead - Shafted

  7. Pete Cannon - Do It Again

  8. Crashead - Everything

  9. Jonny L - Hurt You So (Bootleg Remix)

  10. MotivBreaks - Free Your Soul (Free Your Soul Sanxion Remix)

  11. Audio X - Get This Party Crackin'

  12. Audio X - Everything Will Be Okay

  13. Pete Cannon - Dream Again

  14. ABSOLUTE feat Bklava - U4IA

  15. Filiber - Pulse

  16. Neap Tide - Area 51

  17. AA - Alarm

  18. Xertz - Monopoly

  19. Xertz - April Fool

  20. Braille - My Parent's Basement

  21. Pete Cannon - These Sounds

  22. Pete Cannon - Your Fantasy

  23. Phuture Assassins - Future Sound (Dead Dread Remix)

This tracklist sadly did nothing to me, as I'm not a full on Breakbeat fanatic, so the names didn't ring a bell. But once I started listening to this mix, I knew that there were a few names in here which I have to follow (look out for). Especially someone called Crashead, and Audio X. They certainly made the two finest tracks in this mix.

I really enjoyed this mix. Nice and melodic Breakbeat Hardcore. Whoever this Floyd The Barber is, he's done a majestic job. From the first to the last second the tunes keep on coming, and the pace is steady. There's a good energetic flow throughout this mix, and at no stage did it become annoying. This is literally 84 minutes of pure pleasure.

The mix is intoxicating, and very entertaining. I can go on for hours, but I really, really enjoyed this mix. No errors, no mistakes, just pure pleasure. And it's got 'Everything Will Be Okay' and 'Everything' in it. Superb tracks, superb mix!

DJ: Floyd The Barber

Genre/Style: Breakbeat Hardcore

Mix Info: Hardcore Breakbeat 01 (sep-oct 2021 releases)

Length Mix: 01:24:19

Tracks: 23 (twenty-three)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 193 MB

File Type: mp3

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Bitspeed: 320kbps

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