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Hardcore Heaven Germany Promo Mini Mix (2022)

When I still lived in the Netherlands, I was screaming for proper events on the continent. Events where they played UK Hardcore. Every so often it happened, but on a smaller scale. I always hoped events such as Hardcore Heaven would come across the big pond, and it never happened. But now, after I've moved to the UK, the first HH is going to be held in Germany!? Can you Adam and Eve it (believe it)? I simply cannot, and what's also very cool (but frustrating) is the line-up. They will certainly be a crowd pleaser. The names are tremendous... wish I'd still live in the Netherlands, I would have gone over in a jiffy!

And it's cool to see artists such as Scott Brown, Fracus & Darwin, Dune, Alaguan, Rush Dee, Gregor Le Dahl, and more. Obviously I'm not going to this event, but I wish I would. To be fair, my knowledge of German cities is limited, never heard of Bad Oldesloe? Have we got any German fans here, and can tell me where that is?

But obviously, this event doesn't need an introduction. But a promo mix would be a nice gesture. Hence why one of the artists attending (and playing) at the event, made this mix. Rush Dee, who will be playing in the main room, has made a mix filed with tracks by artists who also play at HH. How cool is that? It's only a short mix, but it should get you hyped up for this, in case you are going.

If you are still deciding, just let this mix be your guide... guiding you to the event. You don't want to miss out on Hardcore freaking Heaven in Germany!

  1. Gareth Emery feat Sarah de Warren - Calling Home (Rush Dee Remix)

  2. Darwin - What A Day

  3. Fracus & Darwin vs Dune - Synthesize

  4. Alaguan - Against Me

  5. Scott Brown - All ABout Elysium

  6. Outforce & Gregor Le Dahl feat Nathalie - Someone

  7. Nikky Cream - Sound Of My Dream (Scott Brown Remix)

  8. Scott Brown - Into The Blue

  9. Fracus & Darwin - Remedy

  10. Alaguan feat Lindsey Marie - Somebody Loves You

  11. Rush Dee - L.E.A.

A short but very satisfying mix. 33 minutes and 33 seconds long. And it contains records I've not heard before. Well, that's not technically true: who doesn't know 'Elysium' by Scott Brown? If you don't know that song, are you even a raver? But this specific version I've not heard before, so it's strictly not 100% new... ah fuck it, who cares?

This is a nice mix with a lot of new and exciting tunes. Rush Dee's selection is great, and even the last track is interesting to listen to. Can't remember if I've ever even encounter a UK Hardcore track with German vocals on it? Must be the first time, if I'm honest. Breaks the ice a bit: always in English, why not in German?

The tunes certainly got me hyped up and excited. Wish I could go and hear all the artists play the finest UK Hardcore tunes out there. And also Dune, hearing the late 90s Happy Hardcore anthems. Come on, how cool would that be, eh?

Enjoy it, everyone who's going. I'm jealous of you all!

Best records in this mix? Tracks made by Fracus and Darwin, OF COURSE!

DJ: Rush Dee

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: Hardcore Heaven Germany Promo Mini Mix

Length Mix: 00:33:33

Tracks: 11 (eleven)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2022

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