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Hatred - Annihilate Mix #1 (2019)

One month ago Hatred uploaded a mix, and when I first listened to it, it only had a few hundred plays. Now a month later it's at 30.1k+ and rising. It seems that Uptempo is the future, and in retrospect, this mix is worth every play it receives. But the question today is (and it only applies to me): who is Hatred? I've seen their name before, but never delve into their past, present, and future. So give me a second to Google the shit out of them and see if I can find a proper answer.

Well, I found a bit on Partyflock, and on this it states they are from Germany, and play rough music. And that is all. Nothing more. Well, I'm not that fussed who's behind the masks, so let's focus on who they represent: Hatred. But before we start talking about their latest mix, let's focus on the image above: they are wearing masks and robes? Is that what the kids are into nowadays?

Anyway, the mix. It's about 46 minutes long, and contains epic Uptempo Hardcore records. But the uptempo sound is still new to me, so the majority of names are unknowns to me. But does that mean the mix sucks already? Nah, as you'd know I do not care about names, I only care about the music, and several times during this week I have been listening to this mix over and over again, and it nearly blew my speakers in my car. That's the way how you should listen to Hardcore music!

01. Vandal!sm & Hatred - Fuck A Whore

02. Insanity & The Satan - Bass Drop

03. Deadly Guns & Ncrypta vs The Satan - Rip My Enemy (Hatred Mashup)

04. Alice DJ - Better Off Alone (Sjammienators & Juliex Bootleg)

05. Hatred - Street Game (The Dope Doctor Remix)

06. Mr. Miyagi - Tear Shit Up (Hatred Kick Refix)

07. Nstinct vs DRS - Riot

08. Re-Style feat Alee & Diesel - Ultimate Hardcore Feeling (Hatred Edit)

09. Thyron vs Smasher & Napz - Harder Than The Shit (Hatred Mashup)

10. Orian - Burn (Nstinct Remix)

11. ProvenHate feat Killer MC - Prove Your Hate

12. Orian - Make Your Blood Spill

13. Chaotic Hostility - Make My Day

14. The Dope Doctor - Mash #5

15. Hatred - Don't Fuck With The Gangster (Mashup)

16. Trespassed - Who We Are

17. Barber - The Streets

18. Hatred - I'm A Beast

19. MBK x Orian x Nstinct - Last Breath

20. Cryogenic - Rocking Harder (Hatred Mashup)

21. Hatred - Addicts

22. Hatred - Shellshock (Tool)

23. Kurwastyle Project feat MC Komplex - This Is Who The Fuck I Am

24. Hatred - Annihilate (TerrorClown Remix)

I've already listened to this mix a hundred times, and it still blows my mind. So damn hard, but so entertaining at the same time. I was only a few weeks ago in NL at GPF's event, and they played similar kind of music, and it sparked a fire inside of me. I'm slowly understanding the Uptempo community. It's not my all time favourite style, but I still enjoy it a lot.

The masked heroes made this wicked mix, and it contains a lot of weird shit records. But the weirdest has got to be Alice DJ's 'Better Off Alone'. Who on Earth would have expected this record to be here? Well, it's obviously a remix, but still?!

The mix is rough and raw from the beginning to the end. And even though you get a few moments to breath in and out, you will feel knackered towards the end. Hatred are really on a roll, and give us everything we need to get fucked. My brain felt like it was in constant agony, but that's what I needed. Thank God I've got paracetamol next to me, I need to shift this headache. Thanks Hatred,

Nah, in all fairness, Hatred's mix might sound so damn hard for the untrained ear, but for those who love their music a little bit faster, you will love this mix. A few tiny little mistakes, but don't we all make mistakes?

Which record stands out the most? 'This Is Who The Fuck I Am'. Those 'la la la' vocals. Catchy.

Just check out this mix if you haven't already. Don't want to miss out on the fun, do we?

Act: Hatred

Genre/Style: Uptempo Hardcore

Mix Info: Annihilate Mix #1

Length Mix: 00:46:22

Tracks: 24 (twenty-four)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Hatred - Soundcloud Page

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