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House #001 - Back 2 My Roots (2018)

Apologies for being late. Or, it's not even that I'm late, but I've been absent. I should have submitted more reviews, but I have been a bit quiet. There might have been a few mixes I've been listening to over and over, and I was getting myself hyped up, to write about them. The first mix I listened to at least a million times, is an old mix by Vamos, done 5 years ago, and it's not his standard UKG focussed mix, but a House focussed mix. I checked his Soundcloud page, and at the moment I cannot see a follow-up mix (as this is numbered as number 1 mix). But don't worry: the first (and only) mix in this serious is a very big one!

I highly recommend this mix. I've been listening this since the day I discovered it, and it has disappointed me. I know Vamos mainly for his Bassline/UKG style mixes, and there's quite a few on his page, but this House driven mix is certainly one you need to check out. I am a fan of House music, but not of the present day House. Not saying I dislike it, but I don't hear enough of it, to have an opinion. And since the mid 2000nd, I started to loose interest in it.

I find certain music styles suitable in clothing shops. You always hear them when you go shopping. Maybe it entices you to purchase more? I am not sure, but you always hear these funky House anthems, and via this I am a bit up to date with the current House scene. Every so often you hear them on adverts too, and when you do, they remain in your head for bloody hours!

But sometimes you come across a mix that looks interesting initially, but when you press play, it takes over every single thing in your life, and embeds itself in your body. In each single fibre can you hear, feel, and experience the music. This is the mix that did exactly that to me. And I'm not kidding.

But what kind of House anthems are in here? Again, I'm a House lover but not a connoisseur, so most of the names aren't known to me, but maybe you know them? Maybe it's an age thing.

  1. Sammy Porter - True Colours

  2. Gorgon City feat MNEK - Ready For Your Love

  3. Kiesza - Hideaway

  4. Mike Mago & Dragonette - Outlines (Chris Lorenzo Remix)

  5. AlunaGeorge - You Know You Like It (Tchami Remix)

  6. Jessie Ware - Champagne Kisses (TCTS Remix)

  7. Disciples - On My Mind

  8. Tchami feat Kaleem Taylor - Promesses (Preditah Remix)

  9. Gorgon City - Imagination

  10. James Hype feat Kelli-Leigh - More Than Friends

  11. Foxes - Body Talk (Bakermat Remix)

  12. Secondcity - I Wanna Feel

  13. Low Steppa feat Kelli-Leigh - Runnin'

  14. Duke Dumont - The Giver (Reprise)

  15. AutoErotique - I Get Up

  16. Riddim Commission feat D Double E - Dem Tings Dere

  17. Route 94 - Forget The Girl

  18. Shift K3Y - I Know

  19. Marshall Jefferson - Move Your Body (Tchami Tribute)

  20. Martin Solveiq - +1

  21. Jessie Ware - Say You Love Me (Gorgon City Remix)

  22. Ferreck Dawn - Love To Deep

  23. Blonde feat Karen Harding - Feel Good (It's Alright)

This is a glorious mix. If you haven't heard it already, be ready to be blown away. And to think that these are already a few years old! Can't believe it, time flies by too damn quickly, doesn't it? Vamos grabs your attention, and keeps you moving.

And it has certainly made me move. I woke up at 6am this morning, and it's now roughly 1pm, and I've had this mix on for hours. I am really in awe with the tracks selected by Vamos. He keeps the entertainment level extremely high, and I wish there were more mixes like this one online. This is a very cheerful, exciting, and overall a good solid mix. Yes, it's got a few tiny mixing errors, but really nothing you should think about. It's all about the music in this mix, and Vamos' selection is truly amazing!

So many fucking epic House anthems. Dancefloor anthems. And even though I'm not familiar with the artist names, the music speaks to me, and makes me very happy. I'm sitting here, WFH, and I've got a smile on my face, and singing along to these songs too.

Who needs Vamos' Bassline/UKG mixes when he's got this bad boy mix?

The records are solid. And two really stand out for me. 'Hideaway' by Kiesza, and 'Feel Good' by Blonde feat Karen Harding. My God, how can you sit still and not sing along to these tunes?

If you need something that will certainly cheer you up, check out this. Trust TCD, you know my comments are legit!

DJ: Vamos

Genre/Style: House

Mix Info: House #001 - Back 2 My Roots

Length Mix: 00:52:30

Tracks: 23 (twenty-three)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2018

More Information: Vamos - Soundcloud Channel

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