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ID&T presents DANA [2002] (Silvio Aquila's special LGB re_run) (2021)

It is finally Wednesday. God, this week has been a long one. A long week this is. But we break the week in half with a good mix. Not sure what the reasoning behind this mix was, but it is basically a mix dedicated to Lady Dana/Dana's CD from back in 2002. It was the first of 6 CDs in a mix series called 'ID&T Presents....'. Honest to God, I can't remember if I did purchase this mix or not back in the 2000s. I did remember having Tomcraft, The Darkraver, Charly Lownoise, and Promo. This was around the time I saw her play in Kerkrade, at a club which gone bust very soon after the opening. Vizion, was that the name?

Anyway, irrelevant of what the club was called, I did see Dana perform, and was amazed by the Queen of Hardcore. She made the jump to Hardstyle, and it worked well for her. She gained a new cult following in the Hardstyle scene, after being the reigning Queen in the Hardcore scene. And with this CD she established her status as the all time Queen of the harder styles.

Not sure if the series went well, if I'm honest. I did remember thinking that this mix concept was quite cool. But maybe ID&T didn't, and killed it after 6 CDs. But I still hold fond memories on what Dana used to mix back in the early 2000s. The sound was so dope, so energetic, so fresh. And with this CD she did show to the world that she knows how to please the fans/listeners.

I'm not sure what Silvio did with this mix which makes it special? Don't know the terminology mentioned in the title: LGB re_run? If anyone knows, please share it with me. Intrigued.

He basically used the same records as per Dana's CD, so here's the tracklist:

  1. Miss Peppermint - Back In Time (Miss Groovy Remix)

  2. Hunter - The Hammer (Techno Mix)

  3. Kyau vs Albert - Save Me (Derb Mix)

  4. Marc Et Claude - Loving You (DJ Isaac Remix)

  5. DJ Tom_X - Cocaine (Club Mix)

  6. Unit 4 - The Ultimate

  7. Geal - Losing My Feeling (The Beholder & Balistic Remix)

  8. DJ Zemtec - Bring Me Ur Silence (Gary D Remix)

  9. Pacific Link - Rings Of Jupiter (Original Mix)

  10. Deepack - 100%

  11. Hardstyle Masterz - Age Of Reverse Bass (TBY's Rude Mix)

  12. DJ Zany - P.L.O.R.K.

  13. Hardheadz - Wreck This Place (Original Mix)

  14. ZX a.k.a. Zenith DJ - Scream (Main Club Mix)

  15. Ard und Jorn - 16 (DJ Nagoom Mix)

As this is the same tracklist as Dana's CD, let's not spend too much time talking about it. People already did that back in 2002. Let's focus on the tracks, and the mix.

If anyone still has the original CD, can you tell me what the difference is between the CD and this mix? Can't really imagine many changes from the original CD, right? Maybe the recording quality is different? I can't hear any difference between previous Dana mixes and the style of this mix?

If this is the same mix as Dana's, then I would obviously judge Dana's skills. And she is superb =. She's the Queen. I wish I still had this CD, or I wish I purchased this CD. Would have loved it to have this in my collection. And also the Rank 1 CD, that would have made my collection complete. But as always, my collections were never complete. I lost interest, or never purchased them for whatever reason.

I do love the style from 2002. So cool. Coming from the Hardcore scene to this was such a refreshing thing to experience. This is what I call Hardstyle. This is where it all began. And whenever someone mentions Hardstyle, I think of this.

The best track is obviously 'Wreck This Place' by Hardheadz. Simple.

For now I will give this mix a 5 star rating, but obviously, if this is just the Dana mix with few alteration, the credit should go to the legendary DJ Dana. Please comment below for your answer on the mix's originality. Or could this just be the exact mix made by Dana, replayed on a radio station? Anyone know the answer?

DJ: Silvio Aquila

Genre/Style: Hardstyle

Mix Info: ID&T Presents Dana [2002] (Silvio Aquila's Special LGB re_run)

Length Mix: 01:01:22

Tracks: 15 (fifteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size:147,3 MB

File Type: mp3

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44,1 kHz

More Information: Dana - Facebook Fanpage

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