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Inspector Sands - Can't Stop Promo Mix 2 (2016)

Three years ago an album was released so good, it became my favourite Breakbeat Hardcore album of all time! Of course I'm talking about Inspector Sands' 'Can't Stop' album. The truly amazing album was delivered to my house as a present from my girlfriend, and it was signed by the master himself. Even though the album is now 3 years old, I still stand by my comments from 2016 and say that it's one amazing album!

I've not heard or seen anything from Inspector Sands since. Which is a shame, because the album was a smashing album. Not only was it full of his own stuff, but it also included remixes by Fracus & Darwin, Luna-C and Chriss Ross, and it also had collaborations with CLSM and Hattrixx. To promote the album back in 2016, two mixes were uploaded, two that I still listen to in 2019. And they still make me feel happy. Breakbeat at its best.

Even though you might not have heard of this album before today, you are still able to get the album. And I urge you to do exactly that. You can get it via Bandcamp, if you click here

Let's focus on the second promo mix, made by DJ Remixx. It does not contain all the records, it contains much more (well, you'll find out). Worth your time, really it is!

01. Zedd feat Hayley Williams - Stay The Night (CLSM & Inspector Sands Remix)

02. Inspector Sands - What A Rush

03. Inspector Sands - Feel The Heat (Exclusive Album Mix)

04. Inspector Sands - Lay My Beatz

05. Inspector Sands - Did I Dream

06. Inspector Sands - Hard Daze (KFA Version)

07. Inspector Sands - Rippin Up Showz (Dubplate Intro Mix)

08. Inspector Sands - I Call Your Name (Original Mix)

09. Inspector Sands - I Call Your Name (Fracus & Darwin Remix)

10. Inspector Sands - Can't Stop

11. Inspector Sands - Can't Stop (Luna-C Remix)

12. Inspector Sands - You Think You Know Me

13. Inspector Sands - Motivader

14. Inspector Sands - Superfly

15. Inspector Sands - Superfly (Chris Ross Remix)

Wow. But before we delve into sheer madness, I need to address one thing: the best Breakbeat records I've EVER HEARD! Yes, that's right, you've read it correctly. It's the best of the best, and I've not come across anything this good after the album's release.

'Can't Stop'. Remixed by Luna-C. My Sweet LORD! What an anthem! I've not heard a record this good before, or since. The original is 'so so', but Luna-C's version takes the whole Breakbeat scene, and just throws it in the bin! With this record he has shown me that he still rules the Breakbeat scene, and knows how to make a smashing record. This is epic on each and every level, and the build up is just tremendous! Even the drops are just beyond belief! And when you think it's over, it hits you again, over and over! I've got only good feelings about this track, and get goosebumps whenever I hear it. Obviously in this mix a shorter version was played, but if you purchase the album, you get 5 minutes and 21 seconds of pure Breakbeat porn. That's it. Porn. Lovely and sexy porn.

Fuck me, this record is good. Astonishingly good. Inspector Sands, your album was excellent anyway, but this record just smashing it out of the park (is that how you would say it?).

This review could literally become a 'one song' review. 'Can't Stop' is just epic. A monster. Underrated. Majestic in every way. You need to get this album. Why the fuck are you waisting your time, it's only £10.

The rest of the mix is good too! DJ Remixx's mix is just spot on. I love the fact that he starts with an epic remix by Inspector Sands and CLSM of Zedd and Hayley Williams' song. The vibe continues throughout the rest of the mix (until it hits that fantastic records, and you get endowed by pure euphoria). No complaints whatsoever.

You see, I can only give this mix 5 out of 5 stars. It's also free to download, so hurry up: you've got a few tasks ahead. Purchasing this album and downloading this epic mix. Inspector Sands, where have you gone? We need you back!

DJ: Remixx

Genre/Style: Breakbeat Hardcore, Drum & Bass

Mix Info: Can't Stop Promo Mix 2

Length Mix: 00:44:42

Tracks: 15 (fifteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 51.1 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 160kbps More Information: Can't Stop - Bandcamp Page

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