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It's Beginning To Sound A Lot Like Christmas (2017)

It is about to happen! It's Christmas Eve, and people all over the world are getting excited: what did Santa Claus have on his list, and which presents will he be dropping all over the world? And if you do not celebrate this, you might be sitting there in your house, bored stiff. If you hate Christmas, or you need to work, I can fully relate to that. It's been difficult to remain in the spirit when you have to work, when the whole world is slaughtering millions of turkeys and chickens. But there's a solace for most of us: the music still remains around us all, and even though you aren't feasting on delicious food, you can still rave away. And today's mix is one you have seen before on this site, and it's been reviewed a few years in a row now, because it's unique ...

Hardcore and Christmas, does it go together well? Well, maybe. They tried to make it a thing within the scene during the early 90s, but it just never caught on. There could be a good reason behind it: it's a cheese fest. It is proper cheese fest. And it's music that can only be played during the festive period we call Christmas: would be weird listening to Hardcore Christmas music during the rest of the year, right?

It never caught on, but still remained music sought after. It is strange, but I've got this fetish. I just feel slightly happier when I hear Christmas tunes being butchered and turned into a Gabber tune. Is it quality music? Well, if you had a few drinks it might be the best music made ever. So, back in 2017 the channel History of Happy Hardcore uploaded this hour and a half long mix, filled with the cheesiest Hardcore/Gabber tunes ever made. And it's cheesy as hell!

You might be thinking that it's cheesy and made by some bedroom producers, but it's made by well known Hardcore artists such as Scott Brown, Paul Elstak, Rotterdam Termination Source, El Bruto, Davie Forbes and more. Let's just say it's just a weird period in their producing history. Hardcore and Christmas were well, back during the early 90s.

So let us get ready for the festive few days, and let me show you what's in this mix:

  1. Rotterdam Termination Source - Merry X-Mess

  2. The S.T. Crew - Ravin' Angels

  3. The S.T. Crew - Christmas With S.T.

  4. Scott Brown - Start The Cavalry

  5. The Frosties - Frosty The Snowman

  6. Carlos Mirilla - Escarola

  7. Rob X-Mas - Happy Christmas

  8. Santasaurus-Rex - Up On A House Top

  9. Claustrophobia - X-Mas Rave

  10. Holy Shit - Now It's Christmas

  11. Davie Forbes - Bingle Jells

  12. Brothers In Crime - Sleigh Rave

  13. Winter Wonderland - Fuck Christmas Songs

  14. Sunblock-X - Caribbean X-Mas

  15. Claus S - Family X-Mass

  16. X-Mass Raver - Hallelujah

  17. Sensor - Rudolf The Rednose Ravedeer

  18. Santa For President - Santa Is Coming

  19. El Bruto - Silverbells

  20. Paul Elstak - Hosanna

  21. Brothers In Crime - 100% Christmas

  22. Scrooge - X-Mass Alone

  23. Scarface - Santawaus

  24. The Triplets - Marry X-Mazz

  25. D & F - No Sleep T'ill X-Mass

  26. Bang Crosby - I'm Dreaming

  27. Noise Gate - The Magic Sack

This is cheesy. I think I've mentioned it many times before in other reviews, but it is. And isn't Christmas cheesy too? What are we actually doing? Sitting around a tree, have our houses decorated (some go a tad too far), and we watch really poorly written Christmas films ... So it does fit in well with the festive season.

Are these quality tunes? Nope. Are they forgotten gems? Nope. We are reminded of this kind of music when the festive season arrives, but throughout the whole year we tend to forget this even exists. But when it does come along, we tend to hop on it, and go nuts.

It is all about having fun, and having a good time. And this mix by History of Happy Hardcore does the job extremely well. It might have been a forgotten type of Hardcore, but still enjoyable. Sometimes you just need to have a good laugh, eh?

The tunes are cheesy, but there are a few in this mix which I really appreciate! And those are the four last tracks. But 'The Magic Sack' is especially one I really like a LOT.

Have a wonderful and festive few days, and stay safe. Fuck COVID, enjoy Christmas!!!!

DJ: The History Of Happy Hardcore

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: It's Beginning To Sound A Lot Like Christmas

Length Mix: 01:36:05

Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 235,6 MB

File Type: mp3

Release Year: 2017

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44,1 kHz

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