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JAKAZiD @ Vibe Tribe VR 27-05-2022

VR and UK Hardcore. Is that the future of raving? Is that us, in the near future? Wearing silly VR things on our head, raving in our bedroom/living room? It's a cool concept, don't get me wrong, but raving should always happen at events, wherever they are held. Not in VR. Unless COVID comes back. If that is the future, then I would support it. But for now, I need to hear, feel, and experience a night out. Thinking about it, raving in the comfort of your own home sounds good too! No more stumbling back to the hotel after a sesh, no more queueing for the toilet, no more waiting for anything; everything is within reach. And if you are tired, you can dive straight into your own bed. Come to think about it, it seems more and more appealing.... count me in!

JAKAZiD uploaded his latest set on Soundcloud, and it was this event called VRChat Sound Empire 56 @ Vibe Tribe VR. That's a lot of VR in just a short sentence. But that's going to be the future, and it's cool to see people adapting to what's coming. JAKAZiD played in VR. Yeah, it might be a tad weird, but it's still an achievement. How many of you DJs out there can say the same?

The reason why I follow JAKAZiD is because his music is dope, and his mixes too. Extremely diverse. A bit of everything, from all over the world. I wouldn't call myself a UK Hardcore expert, but I do know a lot about it, but looking at this tracklist made me even wonder who these artists are. So many unknown names, but it's time for me to dive into the unknown, and see what the World has to offer, UK Hardcore-wise.

  1. M-Project feat MC Stone - Midnight Riders

  2. nadeco feat MC KCD a.k.a. Xystran - We Are Slave For VRChat (JAKAZiD Remix)

  3. Savogy x Pete Cannon - Dream It Back (JAKAZiD Mashup)

  4. rejection & Aiyru - Time Loss

  5. Fracus - I Got This

  6. Kaivaan feat TOFIE - Soothe Your Soul (Meryo Lee Remix)

  7. snarewaves - Capsule Cowboy

  8. Push - Strange World (DJ Testicle Booty Trance Mix)

  9. M-Neko vs Joshka - Cyberia The Place To Be!

  10. Mameyudoufu - Variables

  11. DJ ZET - Like A Dreamer

  12. Riku - SSR (Super Sugoi Rave)

  13. Maozon - Aetherize

  14. Ichii - Time Is Up

  15. JAKAZiD - Under The Moonlight

  16. Dy5on - Sun Is Shining

  17. Agnes Tachyon - Lightless (Assertive Hardcore Bootleg)

  18. TANUKI - BABYBABY の夢 (JAKAZiD's Futurebouncecorefunk Edit)

  19. YUKIYANAGI - Where Are You Now

  20. JAKAZiD - Eardrumz

  21. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - You Are The One (JAKAZiD Bootleg)

  22. S2i8 - Break It

  23. polyscream - PLANET WITH.

  24. P&K - Soundclash 3-1-3

This is what I mean! To me this tracklist contains so many 'unknowns', but once you hear JAKAZiD's set, you know it all doesn't matter, it's all about the music. But it's cool though, to compose a tracklist with new and exciting names. I need to expand my musical knowledge a bit more, and these names are added to my list.

He takes you on a journey through the wonderful world of not just UK Hardcore, but Happy Hardcore, a bit of Breakbeat, Drum and Bass, and more. He keeps you on your toes, be it in your living room with a VR headset on. But he still keeps the entertainment level way up high. The music keeps on coming, and there's no stopping of JAKAZiD. I've been listening to this mix from 6am, and it's been on non stop.

At the end of the mix he even puts a lot of force into it, and end with a seriously filthy anthem.

But to me there are three records the best: the last one. JAKAZiD's own record 'Under The Moonlight' and 'DJ ZET's' Like A Dreamer'. Those three stayed in my head extremely long. Catchy as fuck, and I love it!

Loved this diverse mix. I really did. More of this please.


Genre/Style; UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Drum & Bass, Breakbeat

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Sound Empire 56 - Vibe Tribe VR

Length Liveset: 01:01:52

Tracks: 24 (twenty-four)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2022

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: JAKAZiD - Soundcloud Channel

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