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Jay-Z Tribute - Black Superhero Music (Hip Hop) July 2017

It doesn't happen very often that I go and listen to Hip Hop or R&B, but let me remind you: I might be extremely white, but I'm still a music lover. And if you are talking about Hip Hop there's no other name you need to think of. Jay-Z is the first name that pops in everyone's head. This music mogul has created everything from scratch, and now he dominates a multi million music scene alongside artists such as Kanye West, P. Diddy and more. But I think that Jay-Z has become the face of the whole genre.

Not only succesful as a producer and a rapper, but also married to a gorgeous looking woman: Beyonce. Also a very, very succesful artist. But I'm not going to talk about them and their private life (because I'm not a website like those gossip ones), because I'm simply not bothered about their life outside of the music world. What I'm more focussed on is the music, and you don't need to go far with Jay-Z: just typ his name in Google/Bing and you will find millions of pages, full of his music.

An inspiration for many, and a genius! Someone who starts from scratch and creates an empire around him is a legend. He came from far to reach the top, and Reidstar made this tribute mix last year, containing a few of his biggest anthems. He also made a prequel, which you can find on Mixcloud. But let's focus on the mix he made last year (and I promised him that I would write a review, but it has taken a year for me to do so, so apologies to Reidstar).

01. Jay-Z & Lil' Kim - Big Momma

02. Jay-Z - That's My Bitch

03. DJ Clue - Jay-Z Freestyle (feat Jay-Z)

04. Jay-Z - Welcome To The Jungle

05. Jay-Z - DOA (Death Of Auto-tune)

06. Jay-Z - Takeover

07. Jay-Z - What More Can I Say

08. Jay-Z feat Frank Ocean - Oceans

09. Jay-Z & Memphis Bleek - It's Alright

10. Jay-Z & Rell - It's Obvious

11. Jay-Z - Freestyle

12. Jay-Z feat Memphis Bleek - Hey Papi

13. Jay-Z - Get My Shit Off

14. Jay-Z & Kanye West - Murder To Excellence

15. Jay-Z & Angie Martinez - Mi Amor

16. Jay-Z - Public Service Announcement

17. Jay-Z & Dr Dre - Watch Me

18. Jay-Z - 22 Two's

19. Jay-Z - Trouble

20. Jay-Z - So Ghetto (Album Version)

21. Jay-Z - Pump Freestyle

22. Foxy Brown feat Jay-Z - I'll Be

23. Jay-Z - Outro

This has got a lot of Jay-Z records in it, and it's really cool to hear them in 2018. There are some all time classics in here, but the majority are not really radio friendly, are they? A lot of N-words in it. I'm too white to mention the whole world, so I'll let Jay-Z do it. And even though it can be rough and tough, he hits the spot. He hits the nail on the head with a few records.

He has got that distinctive voice that you recognise within a second. His voice is just pure and unaltered, no bullshit. He speaks from the heart, and shares his opinion whenever he can. Jay-Z is a boss. Very daring topics, but that's what life is all about. And the music resembles the true life.

It's not a megamix in all honesty. It's a nice mellowed mix. And to make this into a megamix would be so wrong: the flows and rhyhmes are difficult to make them flow from one to the next record. That's why Reidstar decided to make this into a nice tribute mix. It goes a bit off here and there, but still extremely enjoyable.

I've never seen Jay-Z live, but he's on my list of artists I would like to see/hear live before I die. The atmosphere he generates during concerts is just amazing. He owns the place (he probably does, the amount of money he's got).

The best Jay-Z record in this mix? Well, that's really an easy, a no brainer: 'Murder To Excellence'. Such a deep record, with a lot of meaning. And also a sick flow. And Kanye's there too!

The King of the repetative music, that's what Jay-Z is. But also the King of the flow. His rhyhmes are just sick! And Reidstar's mix show us all why Jay-Z is the living legend, and number 1 in the world!

DJ: Reidstar

Genre/Style: Hip Hop

Mix Info: Jay-Z Tribute Mix

Length Mix: 01:20:47

Tracks: 23 (twenty-three)

Download/Listen (via Mixcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Bitspeed: unknown

More Information: Reidstar - Mixcloud Page

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