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Jez Toon - Classic Trance Favourites 4 (2024)

The weekend has landed. And for those that go out tonight, have a brilliant night out. Go out, and stay safe. For those that aren't going out, let's stay indoors, and listen to some awesome music. I've been listening to a lot of music this week, and one of those mixes was made by Jez Toon. His mix is the fourth instalment in this series, and the focus is on Trance classics. You might know him from his Jez Toon alias or his Syntax Error alias. But no matter which alias you know, it's all about the music, and the music you are about to listen to, is awesome.

Trance music. Can't go wrong with that, right? I've not heard the previous three mixes, but I'm sure that I'll go to his Soundcloud channel later during the upcoming week and check them out. Maybe they are solid mixes too with a diverse tracklist, or even better? Or worst. No one knows until they actually sit down and listen to them all.

But hearing Trance classics isn't something that I don't do that often. I do it regularly, so why does this mix stand out? Well, as a Trance lover, I was surprised to find a few unknown records in this mix. And that's always an added bonus. Hearing tracks for the first time, even though they've been around for donkey's years. Never too late to appreciate, right?

So which anthems did Jez Toon select? Any that you might find interesting?

  1. Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Power Of Love (Rob Searle Mix)

  2. Blue Horizon - The Journey

  3. Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (Marc Et Claude Remix)

  4. Armin van Buuren presents Alibi - Eternity

  5. Svenson & Gielen - The Beauty Of Silence

  6. Rhythm Of Life - You Put Me In Heaven With Your Touch (Lange Remix)

  7. Agenda - Heaven (Lange Remix)

  8. Airscape - L'esperanza (Svenson Mix)

  9. Ayu - M (Above & Beyond Vocal Mix)

  10. Evoke - Arms Of Loren (Ferry Corsten Remix)

  11. Fridge - Paradise (Nu-Gray Remix)

  12. Human Evolution - Human Evolution

  13. Balearic Bill - Destination Sunshine (Original Mix)

  14. Brothers Space - Driving Faces

  15. Green Court - Follow Me (DJ JamX & DeLeon presents Dumonde Remix)

  16. Parker & Clind - Generator (Power Club Mix)

Nice. This is a very nice mix. If you were looking for some awesome Trance classics, I think you don't need to look further. If you do, why not check out the other three mixes he has done.

But, before we go any further, I have to admit something. And I might be the only one. I genuinely dislike the first record. The original is piss wet, and this remix doesn't make it any better. I find the original boring, and not a good song. So this song is my 'hell no' song of this mix. Sorry Jez Toon.

But which one rocks the most? Well, that's a no brainer: 'Paradise'. That is just an all time classic, slightly underrated. But what a powerful anthem it is! I move most of my limbs when this song is on.

A very good mix, with a 'meh' song to start with. Sorry, but I have to deduct some points for that. But besides that, it's a highly entertaining mix. Worth your time, and when you do love the first song, it's a solid mix for you. For me, it's worth

DJ: Jez Toon

Genre/Style: Trance

Mix Info: Jez Toon - Classic Trance Favourites 4

Length Mix: 01:30:46

Tracks: 16 (sixteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 207 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2024

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